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inspiration for after school meals when dcs have had school dinner

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twinsufficient Sun 23-Jun-13 22:49:03

As title says, my 3 dcs all have a school dinner but I am getting bored of dishing up the same things day in day out for tea. They have crumpets, cheese on toast, pasta and pesto, etc but could do with some more ideas for quick and easy 'meals'. Also, what do you give as a snack when they get in from school. I find that my 3 are constantly asking for food but I don't want to fill them up too much before tea.

Tambaboy Sun 23-Jun-13 22:59:23

My Ds loves quesadillas, two wraps filled with things like sliced peppers and tomatoes, spring onions, tuna, grated cheese and 2 minutes each side on a pan.
Other fillings he loves is avocado slices, some chopped sweet chilli , spring onions and lime juice.
It takes about 10 minutes to make and DS eats them in a matter of seconds!!!

As a snack: cheese and crackers or fruit.

kelly14 Mon 24-Jun-13 04:44:50

I would still give a normal dinner regardless of them having hot dinner at school.
My dd used to have school dinners and used to be more hungry from having them than she is with a packed lunch. She definately would not be satisfied till the next morning with just a snack or small meal.

When she gets in (3.30pm) she is allowed something so its usually a yoghurt, crisps, fruit, bowl of cereal, cheese and crackers.
Around 5.30 she will have a big dinner, a roast , spag Bol with garlic bread, ribs, chicken chow mien, beef casserole with mash etc etc. she will then have a dessert.
Then at around 7-7.30 she will have another snack.
She is 8 and very tall and very skinny but eats very well! Lol

aboutagirl Mon 24-Jun-13 05:10:21

I too find on the school dinner days they are just, if not more, hungry as on packed lunch days. Sorry to say I too would be doing a bigger dinner - meatballs and pasta, baked potato and beans and the like. There would mutiny in my house if I gave them crumpets though beans on toast with cheese would probably be acceptable!

After school mine like a bowl of cereal. It is a constant battle though as they would happily eat a full meal then.

lolalotta Mon 24-Jun-13 06:50:44

Could you give them their dinner when they get in them let them have supper later rather than snacking? Or do you eat as a family? This is what I intend to do when my LO starts school. I would rather she fills up on the good stuff and picks later on!

snoworneahva Mon 24-Jun-13 07:31:45

I offer a normail dinner regardless of lunch - school dinners have pretty small portions at our school and it's only the year 6's who can get seconds.

cyanarasamba Mon 24-Jun-13 07:40:07

I give normal but easy meals, with sandwiches occasionally if its a busy evening.

Omelette, potato waffles (done in toaster) & beans
Fish fingers & chips
Pasta with salmon, peas & Philly cheese
Supermarket filled pasta
Baked potato with beans & cheese
Special fried rice
Leftover chilli & rice

Not very inspiring but I find the less effort I put in the better it goes down...

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 28-Jun-13 23:03:43

I tend to give them a proper meal too. We tend to eat with the DC. DH works erratic hours and well, I'm probably too lazy to cook twice smile

Favourites here include burgers (beef or salmon), spag Bol, roast dinner, fish pie, fajitas, braised beef and carbonara.

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