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Such a fussy eater

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CKMUM Wed 31-May-06 07:53:11

My 28 month old eats pasta, yogurts, bananas, chicken, cheese, poatto smilies and similar and occasionally fish fingers, sometimes a bit of dry bread whens he is emant to be feeding the ducks ! and like a cheese and potato pie but it also has carrots, broccoli, swede and peas in She won't eat carrots in any other form and teh broccoli in the pie is mashed, which is the only way she will eat it. She used to eat ready brek but won't eat that now either and won't eat any other cereal.

spangles Wed 31-May-06 07:56:07

My 2 yr old is exactly the same and is getting more fussy by the day.. any tips on getting them to eat what you want them to eat

Tinker Wed 31-May-06 07:57:00

Sounds ok to me. Limited maybe (or not) but covers all the food groups. What about sandwiches?

CKMUM Wed 31-May-06 08:10:40

juust dry bread thats meant for the ducks, or one mouthful of cheese spread sandwich or with cheese sandwich, takes the cheese off and leaves the bread. even the cheese and otato pie thingy ussually gets rejected now and if it does get eaten its just oen or two spoons. I think a lot of it though is that she wants to play all the time and doesnt want to sit still to eat

Tinker Wed 31-May-06 08:14:11

Hmm, so annoying when they stop eating something you've come to rely on isn't it? My 1 year old is now off yogurt. Thought ALL kids loved yogurt! Will ponder. Also have an appetite of a bird eater here. But I still think you're doing ok.

kayzed Fri 02-Jun-06 16:35:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CKMUM Fri 02-Jun-06 20:27:00

yhanks but nobody would like my sauce, very lumpy!

Sandi102 Sat 03-Jun-06 21:27:31

Hi CKMUM, i am pretty sure that every 2 year old goes through the fussy eating stage..ds2 (2) changed his meal routine virtually overnight..from eating pretty bland foods which he was happy with, he suddenly stopped and so I introduced him to foods I would not normally try. It was my mother who suggested it, and I scoffed at her thinking 'as if, he's going to eat that'..well, i had to eat my own words..ds2 now eats indian curries and chappati..altho small portions, he's happy with them and I hope I never have to go back to bland foods (waffles, nuggest etc)..ds1 didn't eat curries until he was 4 (he was a very very fussy eater!) and we did try very hard with ds1 to make the transition from toddlerish food to adult food, but he was just very slow to catch on..hang in there and she will eat when she's ready..try not to show your stressed about it in front of her, cuz i find that kids pick that emotion up and make you feel even worse!

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