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What can i make today?

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fairyfly Sun 28-May-06 12:34:03

I have in my fridge

4 bottles of Grolsch
have a bag of damp sweaty spinach
a tub of flora
a jar of very lazy chilly
some pate with a stagnant smell
an orange

zippitippitoes Sun 28-May-06 12:36:52

someone vomit

fairyfly Sun 28-May-06 12:38:43


zippitippitoes Sun 28-May-06 12:40:12

well it's not that appetising is it...

vitomum Sun 28-May-06 12:41:43

do you have eggs? if so a chillie and spinach frittata type thingy

bramblina Sun 28-May-06 12:42:55

I think you could do with making a wee trip to M&S...

fairyfly Sun 28-May-06 12:46:10

M and S???????? i wish, i am very very poor, Netto for 8p noodles i reckon. After i drink the beer as i'm depressed at being a poverty stricken slag.

colditz Sun 28-May-06 13:15:13

Go and buy some eggs, or take a beer round to your neighbours and ask for some.

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