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Vegetarian dinner dilema - what would you prefer?

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Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 10:36:19

Friends coming over tonight. Vegetarian.
Want to cook but not spend all day in kitchen.
Here are my options:
1. Buy M+S Greek hor d'oeuvres (vine leaves, felafel, houmous etc) for starter and make vegetarian moussaka for main course
2. Make Delia's chickpea, chilli and coriander cakes for starter and attempt a tart of some sort (????) for main course
3. Other option not yet thought of.
What do you think?

snafu Sun 28-May-06 10:42:53

Both sound nice but first option is easier, imo. I'd be more than happy with fact, where do you live?

LilacBump Sun 28-May-06 10:44:53

i'd go for the greek option. sounds really nice!

zippitippitoes Sun 28-May-06 10:45:24

I'll have option 1 please

suzywong Sun 28-May-06 10:47:58

Get your vegetarian Moussaka from Waitrose it is unbelievabley delicious and very hard to match

Chickpea cakes don't sound too tasty and your guests will spend journey home farting

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 10:48:03

Snafu, you'd be more than welcome anytime. Do you have any rubber gloves?
I'm so glad you are all opting for the easy peasy option.
Off to M+S then ...
Ooh, pudding forgot about that.
Heavy or light?
Chocolate or fruit?
Decisions decisions...

suzywong Sun 28-May-06 10:49:15

and vegetarians secretly love ready-made and deli food, they LOVE it as a special treat, when I was veggie (14 long years) I used to drool over that kind of thing as most of the food I made was virtuous.

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 10:49:53

True though!
No Waitrose for miles unfortunately. Nearest supermarket = Morrisons.
Think I'll do it myself in that case.

suzywong Sun 28-May-06 10:51:16

oh you poor poor deprived woman
I can, however top trump as I am 12000 miles from my nearest Waitrose and I miss it everyday.

Do you have veg moussaka recipe?

foxinsocks Sun 28-May-06 10:51:19

if you're going to M&S, 2 desserts stick out for me. One is their lemon tart mmmm (though waitrose one is delicious aswell) and then in the frozen section at M&S, is a meringue thing - think there are a few types - 1 is Toffee and Pecan Nut and the other is Champagne and Strawberry. They look like swiss rolls but made with meringue, cream and the respective filling. All you have to do is leave them out for a certain time and they defrost. They are divine!

Blackduck Sun 28-May-06 10:55:05

Veg moussaka - this one... here

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 10:58:39

Suzy, got \link,1267,RC.html\Delia's moussaka recipe}.
Never tried it but looks easy enough. She says, hopefully.
Foxy, thanks for the tip. Must admit supermarkets do such good puddings these days it's not always worth making one yourself.

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 10:59:17

Delia's moussaka recipe

suzywong Sun 28-May-06 11:00:43

Yum, they both look good, I'm going to make one too as we don't eat enough lentils in the Wong household, surprisingly

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 11:03:02

I love MN.
Perfect for indecisive blobs like me!
Thanks ladies.

azroc Sun 28-May-06 11:06:55

Don't forget to check labels for gelatine, etc!

FrannyandZooey Sun 28-May-06 11:22:55

Oh definitely option 1. Tart / quiche / pastry things are what you get everywhere when you are veggie and they are all so dull. I would be very impressed if served your option 1 by a friend. No pastry, nothing dripping with cheese in lieu of actuall having tasty ingredients in, no pasta = happy spoilt vegetarians

WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:24:55

Agree with everyone

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 11:37:00

One last question
Lemon meringue pie - home-made of course yes or no?

FrannyandZooey Sun 28-May-06 11:40:05

Well I don't like it much, so I would say no. Does it not have gelatine in?

Rowlers Sun 28-May-06 11:41:08

No gelatine in my recipe.

WideWebWitch Sun 28-May-06 11:43:46

ooh yes

FrannyandZooey Sun 28-May-06 11:46:19

Well I am disappointed now. I would have been expecting something superb after the other courses, and instead you give us

lemon meringue pie

<damp squib noise>

<franny struggles to remember she is not actually at Rowlers' house having dinner>

NotAnOtter Sun 28-May-06 12:38:43

heavy heavy gooey sickly pudding and lots of carbs with dinner .
I have been veggie 25 years this year
People tend to think we are over virtuous - i like cheesey pastryish carby goo and i seem to always get five leaves and a lentil!

NotAnOtter Sun 28-May-06 12:43:26

franny we seem to differ in our opinions I like to eat FAT!!!!!!

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