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Pavolas & Merigues - okay to eat in pregnancy or not?

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74Jamie Sat 27-May-06 15:18:40

am getting a craving for pavlova and cream mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, but not sure whether i can or not anyone know?

Twiglett Sat 27-May-06 15:20:38

why not .. you cook egg white to make meringue

Twiglett Sat 27-May-06 15:21:03

it will go straight on to your hips though you know

<<envious dieter>>

nothercules Sat 27-May-06 15:26:21

I would eat it without a thought.

SenoraPostrophe Sat 27-May-06 15:57:58

you can eat any egg based things if they came from immunised chickens. I eat any eggs in fact. blinkin pregnancy police.

twocatsonthebed Sat 27-May-06 16:03:25

it's absolutely fine as the meringues are cooked as Twiglett says. In fact, can I have one too...

SenoraPostrophe Sat 27-May-06 16:08:25

but they're not cooked right through if you cook them properly. they're still a bit runny in the middle. mmmmm. nice that you can still eat them anyway!

74Jamie Sat 27-May-06 16:13:09

im making the nigella recipe but with raspberries not passion fruit - seems extragant for the three of us but i have a pregnancy craving - well thats my excuse.

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