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mumofelise Fri 26-May-06 17:13:06

i'm sure this has been done to death but i am now struggling to plan meals seems same old. can anyone share their meal plans. cheap and chearful as well as treats please.


EmmyLou Fri 26-May-06 17:51:20

I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours! I bet they're much the same thing: bolognaise, lasagne, sausages, etc. Trying to think of the slightly different things I do...i don't work (well, not paid) so do have bit more time for this sort of thing than some.

Here goes - don't laugh/smirk/tut/roll eyes etc please. (Am I suffering from menu anxiety?)

Homemade chicken sticks - strips of chicken, dip in flour, then beaten egg, then crushed cornflakes and shallow fry. Plus veg and pasta or tortilla wraps (can do strips of raw veg if having wraps - less cooking). DD1 likes mayonaise with this. Other 2 like ketchup. And don't tell children about the cornflakes until have eaten it a few times. dd1 managed to put off one friend by telling her whereas other friends who were fussy eaters but hadn't been told wolfed them down no problem.

Tortilla wraps with quorn mince 'chilli' - sounds vile, but if you cook the quorn chilli slowly in the oven (on timer if have to be out after school) it does develop quite a good flavour. Usually use a teaspoon or two of fajita seasoning mix to make it taste a little different from the usual pasta based stuff. Add little blobs of creme fraiche on top and some grated cheese before rolling the whole thing up.

Red lentil bolognaise - (i'm an ex-vegetarian, can you tell?) good if got nothing fresh in house. Add a good grating of cheese to sauce as it cooks. This is dd2's (age 7)favourite tea

Have noticed when we have salmon that dd3 (2 and a half) prefers mine which has been grilled with a bit of pesto/bread crumb/parmesan on top.

Love jamie Oliver's 'Jools's Favourite Beef Stew' in Jamie's Kitchen book and am currently trying to get kids to like this as its sooooo good. But thats coming off the point a bit!

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