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risotto ideas

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hobnobsaremyfave Sun 02-Jun-13 11:58:22

Thinking of doing a risotto for dinner tonight for a change. DC's reasonably unfussy. Any suggestions for recipes.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 02-Jun-13 15:14:35

I usually do either butternut squash, or a green vege one (leeks, asparagus, peas, broad and/or green beans, artichokes if I've got a jar).

JulesJules Sun 02-Jun-13 15:22:38

I usually do leeks or courgettes with peas, or asparagus, or a classic plain one with lemon (Anna del Conte recipe). I also love fennel risotto and roasted pepper risotto.

My children won't eat any of them though, so they're just for DH and me, with a large glass of wine, after they've gone to bed grin

forevergreek Sun 02-Jun-13 15:24:21

We do Bacon, mushroom and broad bean risotto. Kids Hoover it up in silence!

DwellsUndertheSink Sun 02-Jun-13 15:24:46

bacon and tomato
Bacon and pea

Whatevertheweather Sun 02-Jun-13 15:53:16

Lemon and prawn risotto is favourite here - yum smile Light and summery

ScrambledSmegs Sun 02-Jun-13 16:02:54

2 that go down well in our house are-

- Lemon with mint, smoked salmon and peas

- Roast butternut squash with sage and blue cheese (no Parmesan)

But my favourite ever is a plain risotto with a spicy breadcrumb mix on top - Jamie Oliver does a recipe but I'm having trouble linking on my phone. It's divine.

ScrambledSmegs Sun 02-Jun-13 16:05:14

Oh, but for kids I think bacon/peas/mushroom would be a fantastic introduction to risotto. Would be lovely with fresh thyme and lots of parmesan to grate over.

hobnobsaremyfave Sun 02-Jun-13 16:10:33

Thanks guys am off to cook this soon and am going to try a leek, pea and mint one with parmesan crisps.
Fresh mint from the garden grin

Steffanoid Sun 02-Jun-13 16:28:28

chicken and chorizo on wilted spinach
chuck a blob of Philly in it makes it lush, love peas in risotto too smile

hobnobsaremyfave Sun 02-Jun-13 16:33:26

will be hanging on to all of these. smile

hellohellohihi Sun 02-Jun-13 19:12:47

Chicken and mushroom.

Chorizo and artichoke.

Bacon and butternut squash

Salmon and pea

(in fact I put peas in all my risottos)

LEMisdisappointed Sun 02-Jun-13 19:22:33

Im supposed to be having risotto tonight but i dont have any stock jelly things - it will be vile wont it?

forevergreek Sun 02-Jun-13 19:26:07

Don't you have a normal stock cube?

Do you have some basic veg, ie carrots, onions, leeks or something? You can cook them in water and make a quick veg stock if you want

MrsMillions Sun 02-Jun-13 19:29:08

Leftover roast chicken or gammon always very good in a risotto.

LEMisdisappointed Sun 02-Jun-13 19:29:23

only have an oxo cube (beef) that would be just plain wrong! smile not sure i can be arsed to make stock its a bit late - feck

TheSecondComing Sun 02-Jun-13 19:30:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

forevergreek Sun 02-Jun-13 19:35:04

For bacon/ mushroom / broad bean..

I just add the bacon just after onion and garlic softened to crisp up a bit, then add mushrooms and cook down, then continue usual risotto making and however you make and add broad beans in 10 mins before the end.

Whatalotofpiffle Sun 02-Jun-13 19:38:43

Bacon and scallops smile

ShadowStorm Sun 02-Jun-13 19:39:55

Sausage risotto (with onions and sweet peppers) goes down well in our house.

JamNan Sun 02-Jun-13 19:48:07

Jamie O has a nice recipe for cauliflower risotto which is topped with anchovy-flavoured fried bread crumbs. Sounds horrible but I assure you it's delish.

Cauliflower risotto (Risotto ai cavalfiori) recipe here

toastedteacake Sun 02-Jun-13 23:22:08

Salmon and cucumber

Sounds odd, tastes delicious.

suncream2011 Wed 05-Jun-13 14:23:39

How do you all make the rissotto bit please?

iseenodust Wed 05-Jun-13 14:32:33

Asparagus. Tis the season. smile Lovely with a bit of parma ham for decoration.

Easiest risotto recipe (and purists will claim cheating) is Delia's prawn risotto that you mainly cook in the oven, because who has time on a school night for all that hovering over it?

LEMisdisappointed Wed 05-Jun-13 14:42:18

suncream - its a bit of a faff, but I cook by the one wine for me and one for the pot method so its not so bad grin

firstly i chop some onions and fry them in butter or oil, for about ten minutes, then i add the rice and wait until its gone a bit pearly looking and then add about half a glass of wine and let it boil away, giving the odd stir. I make up the stock from a knorr stock jelly (about 750ml) and add gradually. The key is to wait until the liquid has been absorbed before adding the next bit - that is where the faff and hovering come from. Usually takes about 20 minutes. I sometimes add parmesan but usually cheddar just before serving. Oh and whatever indredients I am putting with it, so either mushrooms or chicken that i have cooked meantime, or smoked salmon and peas - lush lush lush smile Its one of my favourite meals.

Loving the variations here!

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