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You are what you eat?

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threebob Thu 25-May-06 08:46:32

I was talking to one of my 5 year old pupils today and she told me she was vegan, and that she does eat sweets but only at the movies as a treat.

One of my other pupils has to eat a strict diet for his allergies.

Both these children are the easiest children to teach, can concentrate well and are lovely to talk to.

So is it that their strict diets exclude crap, or that the sort of parents who can/will/have to make sure their children eat like this are the sort of parents who have lovely children?

shazronnie Thu 25-May-06 08:53:56

I think a bad diet is related to children's poor attention span and behaviour.
<quickly hides fruit shoots and jelly tots to back of cupboard.>

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