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ds2 will make domestic goddess before I will ...

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roisin Wed 24-May-06 20:10:09

Today ds2 (7) came home from school, went into the garden and picked some rhubarb, set up his step in the kitchen, trimmed it, washed it, chopped it and put it in a pan. Added some water and sugar. Then asked me to put it on to cook for him, whilst he went to do his piano practice ...

I let it burn

He was very disapointed, but after about 15 seconds howling he went back out into the garden and did it all again ... bless him!

PS Anyone got any tips for removing charred/caramelised rhubarb from the bottom of a pan?!

Piffle Wed 24-May-06 20:12:31

rhubarb is a bitch to get off a pan, soak and soak and chip away, if it is non stick pan, it will likely ruin it

Your ds sounds lovely, what a sweet thing to do!

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