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having the kitchen done - recipe/food ideas for the freezer which reheat using microwave alone

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Reastie Mon 27-May-13 14:25:07

I am loving the thought of a new kitchen but dreading the thought of a month with just a microwave and freezer in the corner of the playroom for a kitchen.

Does anyone have any good ideas for freezer things I can make which will microwave to eat so I can batch bake before the work starts in July?

Am thinking bolognesey recipes to have with microwaveable rice and cobbler. I'm not that great with my microwave so if there are things you can cook in a microwave I might not know about please also pass on this wisdom too <desperate>

amazingmumof6 Mon 27-May-13 17:22:45

stews, curries and soups are good.

in fact you can get lots of different kinds of soups in tins or cartons - they microwave well, add grated cheese or chopped up ham, or eat with crackers.

precook ingredients for lasagna, assemble and freeze. will not be as nice reheated in micro as it would be in oven, but it will do.
same with pies

precook sausages and meat balls, chop before freezing. then reheat and mix with rice or pasta and veg like peas, sweetcorn or green beans and some sauce

use tin tuna - no need to heat! - and mix with mayo, teaspoon of mustard, grated cheese, grated cucumbers and sweetcorn and serve in toasted pitta.

you can also buy precooked meat like chicken or ham - easy to reheat.

you could always ask your friends to help out by bringing you dinner or just invite you over at weekends - you could the return the favour by having them over after your new kitchen is done!

and don't forget takeaways - chinese, pizza, fish & chips, curry are always easy!

Greenandcabbagelooking Mon 27-May-13 17:26:27

Stew, served with microwave jacket potatoes.
Curries with microwaved rice
Ready made meatballs can be microwaved. I used to put a few meatballs, some pasta sauce and some grated cheese in a wrap and microwave. Lovely.
You could re-heat home made pizza

Reastie Mon 27-May-13 18:31:03

Thanks, excellent ideas. I had thought about freezing homemade pizza as I've done that before and it's worked really well. Between DH, DD and me we have alot of fussy-ness to work around so take aways are a no go. DD is just incredibly picky eater, DH and I are vegetarian and I am also gluten intolerant! So alot of shop bought stuff isn't suitable and I adapt things.

So far then I will make - quorn bolognese, vegetable stew, lots of soup, cheese scones (DD loves them and they reheat well in microwave), and homemade pizza. I'll do alot of baked potatoes in the microwave too! I'm happy to buy precooked meat for DD but I'm a bit confused about cooking or reheating it for her in the microwave as I'm not that good with cooking meat.

sweetiesue Tue 28-May-13 17:43:18

vege chilli with GF wraps - fill wraps with chilli, sprinkle with grated cheese and nuke for 2.5 mins until bubbly.
Or invest in a slow cooker and hit the recipe section for ideas.

HazeltheMcWitch Tue 28-May-13 20:53:25

You quite possibly know this already, but someone posted on MN the other day, that to make mash, they microwave some potato (normal or sweet), then shove it through the ricer - then add butter, cream, seasoning etc... The thought had not occurred to me before, but I have since tried it and it's fab - quick, very easy, minimal washing up.

Another thing you could make and freeze is nice fresh tomato/tomato and pepper sauces - which you could then have with fresh pasta, done quickly in the MW.

Aldi had mini ovens for £30 the other day - have looked on site, and they are now ''hurry, while stocks last".

Reastie Wed 29-May-13 07:56:44

hazel mini ovens sound fab but we have no aldis near us sadly.

This is probably a very thick question, but how do you cook pasta in the mw?

Oh yes, I just remembered, I have a slow cooker too, excellent, can do some things in there too grin

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