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Urgent help.....I'm trying to make instant nigella choc mousse and its not turning out right...

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Lilykin Fri 24-May-13 10:29:14

The ingredients for instant nigella choc mousse I have halved to the extent so that it is for 0-1 person. I'm doing first time trial run morning to be served to guests in evening. I know .....crazy!

I heat butter, water, marshmallows, chocolate and let cool down completely.

Whip cream- I've whipped so its like mr whippy ice cream. Is that right or whip more? How much more

But when I try to fold cream with chocolate because chocolate has cooled down it doesn't mix. What am I doing wrong? There's be side chocolate marshmallow mass and other side cream with chocolate that looks like hot chocolate.

Lilykin Fri 24-May-13 10:31:11

Also I grated chocolate when I put in. And do I melt marshmallows until choc mixture completely smooth, mine wasn't 100%

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