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Sprouted beans - how to use them?

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hulababy Tue 23-May-06 16:26:16

OK, just recived my second organic veg pack today. As part of the salad module I have a tub of sprouted beans. Never used these before and have no idea what they taste like or how I use them!

Any ideas gratefully received. Thank you

Carmenere Tue 23-May-06 16:30:56

Just throw them into a salad - they are yummy.

Gingerbear Tue 23-May-06 16:32:11

stir fry (like beansprouts?
Also nice in pitta bread with hummus

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 17:48:07

Thanks. So salad it is then Not sure Dh si going to be convinced, LOL! At least DD is liekly to try them.

I like the idea of pitta and homous for lunch at work. Might have to call in somewhere in way home tomorrow.

moondog Tue 23-May-06 17:59:28

I'd have them with halved cherry tomatoes,sliced avocados, a good home made vinaigrette and perhaps some nuts.

hulababy Tue 23-May-06 18:04:06

Me and DD have tried them and they were fine. Think they'll be nice in a crunchy salad with a good dressing.

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