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so tell me - does sweet potato count as a FAVU?

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Clary Tue 23-May-06 09:47:23

A colleague of mine wants to know. I know potatoes don't count, but is sweet potato actually potato? or is it yam which is something else? Anyone know?

geekgrrl Tue 23-May-06 09:48:21

it does count.

kipper22 Tue 23-May-06 09:51:17

sorry but whats a favu?

Clary Tue 23-May-06 10:17:57

oh sorry, fruit and vegetable unit, ie what we're trying to eat 5 a day of (should be 9 really but no-one dares tell us that!

kipper22 Tue 23-May-06 10:25:48

9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I struggle with 5! I agree sweet potato is at least 1 though - maybe 3 per potato? (oh no, I think that's just the optimism speaking)

Laura032004 Wed 24-May-06 08:52:37

I thought potatoes did count, but only once (so you can't have your five portions from chips, jacket, mash, smiley faces & waffles!!!)

Would def. count sweet potato.

Laura032004 Wed 24-May-06 08:55:11

Ooh, I was wrong judging by NHS website:

"Potatoes and other related vegetables such as yams and cassava do not count. This is because they are classified as starchy foods"

NannyL Wed 24-May-06 09:25:10

i also thought that sweet potatoe count...

but understand normal potatoes dont count at all!

nikkie Wed 24-May-06 19:29:09

do pickled onions count?

Clary Thu 25-May-06 09:29:21

No normal potatoes definitely don't count.
I guess pickled onions would if you ate enough of them (about two tablespoonsful?? )
Look's like the jury's out on sweet potato -anyone else?

nikkie Thu 25-May-06 20:03:47

I pickle my own so they are uite big ones and I eat around 5-6 each time so prob about 2 portions then!

GeorginaA Thu 25-May-06 20:05:52

I never understood why potatoes don't count, tbh ... I thought they had a fair bit of vit C?

FrayedKnot Thu 25-May-06 20:17:33

In France it is 10 a day because most people already eat at least 5!

nikkie Thu 25-May-06 21:17:57

I eat around 10 a day. I live off fruit, veg and chocolate

WideWebWitch Thu 25-May-06 21:26:07

Potatoes don't count because they're mostly eaten without skins, where all the goodness (vit c & D iirc) is I think. But yes, feel sure sweet potatoes count.

GeorginaA Thu 25-May-06 21:27:28

Ah, didn't know that WWW - that makes sense. Thanks

WideWebWitch Thu 25-May-06 21:34:57

what counts apparently GeorginaA, I may be making that up! but it says on that site that potatoes don't count because they're starchy foods, so it's to do with GI too then. Sweet potatoes are much better for you than ordinary potatoes though.

GeorginaA Fri 26-May-06 17:27:25

Hmm... interesting.

Do onions count? Mushrooms?

Am currently doing a sausage casserole which has a tin of condensed tomato soup in it - does that count towards 5 a day?

Reading that site makes me think that actually we do reach our 5 a day most days (I always thought we didn't) if onions and mushrooms and tomato saucy things count....

GeorginaA Fri 26-May-06 17:29:48

Carrying on from that thought ... could a good bolognese sauce (with lots of different veggies in it) include your whole 5 portions in one meal?

You know ... I think the A-household might actually be a little bit healthier than I thought, lol!

nikkie Fri 26-May-06 20:23:13

portion size is supposed to be around fist size.

Katymac Fri 26-May-06 20:27:14

Well the bolagnaise I did yesterday had
Carrot, swede, onion, pepper, tomatoe, mushroom & maybe?

Although it wasn't a full protion of each it ment the mindees (that ate 3 meals with us) had about 14 different f&v that day - i think that the variety is good as well

GDG Fri 26-May-06 20:29:58

No, potato is carb.

Clary Sun 28-May-06 01:08:35

georginaA I think you can count the veg in a casserole (and I have started making mine heavy on the veg an dlighter on the meat now) but you have to have enough. Eg if you used (say) one onion, a can of tomatoes and two carrots and shared it between 4 people, well I would say about 1 portion each. But if that was for 2 people then 2 portions etc.
Nikkie I easily eat 9-10 a day, take 4-5 portions of fruit and another couple of salad (handful of cherry toms and half a pepper) to work every day, plus veg/salad with lunch and green veg/pasta sauce in the pm.
I think if you eat a healthy and varied diet and cook a lot from scratch you probably eat more than you think.
BTW I always thought that tates don't cpunt because they are too yummy (chips, roasters mmmm, mashed tates mmmmmmm - you can tell I'm from Lincolnshire!)

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