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Cous cous

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Then again if you are a tomato lover, Sainsbo's do midi plum tomatoes on the vine which I roast and dd1 drools over when eaten with a risotto or paella.

Thanks but I don't 'do' tomatoes, if I can help it! Can cope with v under-ripe Santorini ones, but only on the side (where they can't ooze their seedy juice anywhere!).

lolalotta Sat 18-May-13 18:39:20

I would add some posh baby tomatoes...(the cheap ones don't have any flavour I find, tomatoes are worth spending out on!)

Soaking the onions = an excellent idea. When I do Greek salad, I soak the onions in a bit of red wine first. Yum. Watercress is an excellent idea too - I adore the stuff.

hugoagogo Sat 18-May-13 18:14:42

I just had giant cous cous for the very first time; I cooked it in a little marigold stock and had it with falafels, watercress, celery and tomatoes and goats cheese and red pepper dip. yum I have eaten it so cannot post a pic. blush

Your list sounds good, just chuck it altogether, maybe soak your finely sliced red onions in the lemon juice for a couple of mins first and it will be delish.

I have got a packet of giant cous cous, some flatleaf parsley and coriander, some lemons and red onions and some feta. Can I make a delicious salad with those ingredients?

What other things would help to turn giant cous cous into a delicious salad if not? smile

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