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Freezing and re-freezing food - question

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CoffeeChocolateWine Thu 16-May-13 08:41:55

Quick I right in thinking that it's ok to defrost and use food that has been frozen raw (salmon fillets), cook it (in a fish pie) and then re-freeze it? That's ok isn't it?

Sorry probably a stupid question but it's not one that you want to get wrong!

Forgetfulmog Thu 16-May-13 08:44:14

Yep that's fine. You can't thaw & refreeze raw meat or fish though

CoffeeChocolateWine Thu 16-May-13 08:45:15

Thanks smile

HiccupHaddockHorrendous Thu 16-May-13 09:26:28

I read (can't remember where though, sorry) a few years ago that you can't. However, up until that point, I had been doing just that for a number of years with no ill-effects.

I do try to avoid doing it as much as possible now.

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