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Snacks for the sleep deprived

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buildingmycorestrength Sat 11-May-13 22:27:59



Full fat natural yoghurt and berries!

Boiled eggs?



blossombath Sat 11-May-13 21:06:57

Ok I'm doing my meal plan and supermarket shop...rollmops on the list for the first time...what else should I be adding?

Exhaustipated Fri 10-May-13 13:22:10

Another sleep deprived BFing snacker here. I find the things that actually satisfy me (rather than lead to more snacking) are:

Natural yogurt with honey or organic fruit yog eg Rachel's
Oatcakes with a range of toppings - cheddar and mango chutney is good, other kinds of cheese, low sugar jam
Pickled herring (Rollmops) - yes really!
Apples (especially with some of the above)

I didn't do this deliberately but I think most of this is low GI- releases energy slowly- combined with some sugary bits...

blossombath Fri 10-May-13 13:10:56

Thanks magic, I probably could get through most of that in one day...I blame the fact that I am still bf and also tend to eat when bored so basically snack all day long.

There must be other sleep deprived MNers with good ideas...

TheMagicToyshop Thu 09-May-13 23:58:47

I'm always starving all day when sleep deprived.
Some energy providing but relatively healthy work snacks I like are rice cakes with peanut butter and sliced banana (tend to take all the bits to assemble at work as it goes a bit soggy and brown otherwise), little tub of pumpkin seeds with dried fruit, carrots, cucumber and/or breadsticks with houmous. Also lots of different bits of fruit, especially stuff that's a bit different like kiwi fruit, fresh coconut or pomegranate seeds.
Not all in one day obviously.

blossombath Thu 09-May-13 19:48:59

I recently went back to work after mat leave, DS an early waker and am struggling to get through days at the office (or, let's be honest, at home with DS) without copious amounts of caffeine and sugary/carby things.

Looking for ideas for snacks I can take into work to help me break this, and to keep my energy levels up - I could google but hope that MN will help me find ideas that are actually nice; easy to prepare; and won't require me to source ingredients via obscure health food websites (though happy to go a bit out of my way for new things).

Actually, why stop at snacks? Ideas for easy breakfasts and lunches for the sleep deprived would be lovely, too.

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