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Is Morrisons any good?

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emily05 Fri 19-May-06 20:18:50

A morrisons has opened close to me (it used to be a safeway).

Have never been - are they any good? cheap or expensive?


PanicPants Fri 19-May-06 20:22:20

Bloody hate morrisons, although the BOGOF offers are great.
It's the £1 in the trolly that pisses me off, its a pain when you've a baby and are forced to treck miles across the carpark to put trolly back to get the £1. You have a choice of leaving ds in the car, or taking him with you and getting soaking wet.

Sorry for the rant, had a traumatic experience in there a couple of weeks ago

It's fab, honestly!

notasheep Fri 19-May-06 20:31:23

Vegetables are crap and i hate the pie counter.

But good offers on everyday items

If i had a choice my local Morrisons would be called Waitrose

PanicPants Fri 19-May-06 20:32:33

Yes the veg and fruit - esp bananas - are rubbish

nikkie Fri 19-May-06 20:59:39

My local Morrisons is good, I always find the fruit and veg better than asda /tesco locally though did go in one on holiday that was awful
Very cheap for reduced to clear stuff.

monkeytrousers Fri 19-May-06 21:06:06

Bread is always stale in our local and the trollies with baby and toddler seats aren't covered to get wet when it rains making it impossible to shop. We drive to Tesco's.

monkeytrousers Fri 19-May-06 21:07:04

And the 'in store' made bread is always too salty. Safeway's was much better.

SleepySuzy Fri 19-May-06 21:07:34

The one near us is brilliant, really good value, and good quality food

I've had some real bargains recently.

dinny Fri 19-May-06 21:08:04

think it's horrible (except the in-store bread).

fruit goes manky literally the next day.

myermay Fri 19-May-06 21:08:56

Message withdrawn

oops Fri 19-May-06 21:19:06

Message withdrawn

charliecat Fri 19-May-06 21:29:33

Mines good, clean shop, fresh cheap fruit and veg, great BOGOF offers. Good selection of food.
Try it and see.

nikkie Fri 19-May-06 21:44:45

Ours also has quite a bit of local produce too.
I am suprised about he bad employers as I know loads of people who changed supermarkets to go to them.

sweetmonkey Fri 19-May-06 21:46:37

i always find the veg alot better quality than sainsburys and co op etc.

the offers are great and i always seem to get a trolley full for a v good price

mummyto2littleprincess Fri 19-May-06 22:45:06

yer its good there i do my shopping there every saturday and they are cheap they alway have a lot of buy 1 get 1 free on offer which is good sometime i say £10 plus and thats when i only spend about £30

NotAnOtter Fri 19-May-06 22:48:03

OOOOh Panic pants you need to come to ours! I am an awful snob and moan about Morrisons but tbh its bllody good and so cheap i thing its classier than it used to be .
Nocer than the ASDA in my book and a better class of punters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went on saturday and a bloke ran out in the rain to get me a baby seat trolley - no pound needed!

alexsmum Fri 19-May-06 22:51:48

i think the meat is good in morrisons, and don't see much difference in the fruit and veg to anywhere else.ours has an organic selection.
the thing i hate about it, is that it's always packed .you go in for a loaf and end up queueing for 20 mins.

collision Fri 19-May-06 23:03:11

Morrisons has a 'chav' reputation but ours is FAB! Went today and soooo many bargains and so cheap! and no queues either.

I really like it but it bugs me that they dont have a reward card.

yorkshirepuddling Fri 19-May-06 23:10:51

I think Morrisons is great - We have all the supermarkets (including Waitrose) and I would chose Morrisons for value every time - Meat is great, BOGOFs are fantastic and I've always thought the veg was great as well. Its certainly cheap

SparklyGothKat Fri 19-May-06 23:12:25

I used to work for Safeways but left before Morrison took over, and they have even taken the staff discount card away from the staff

oops Sat 20-May-06 19:19:24

Message withdrawn

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