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Mumsnet vote - reheating leftovers

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Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 12:15:46

We brought leftovers home from an expensive Chinese restaurant on Tuesday night and put them straight in the fridge.

I'm pondering whether to have them for lunch now. They are in tight locked tupperware type boxes (not foil and cardboard containers).

Would you reheat them?

DH says yes. We quite often reheat rice (next day only) so are quite dare devils unsually.

expatinscotland Fri 19-May-06 12:16:17

yes. i do it all tht time.

marthamoo Fri 19-May-06 12:16:19

Not from Tuesday. No way!

Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 12:17:45


Kidstrack Fri 19-May-06 12:18:19

dp would, my sister would as she works in a chinese restaurant and the stories she tells me i wouldn't want to repeat on here, me i wouldn't i'm very funny when it comes to reheating meat and foods like that

Twiglett Fri 19-May-06 12:19:03


if you die you die

Mercy Fri 19-May-06 12:19:03

Not from Tuesday and definitely not the rice!

Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 12:20:58

No rice involved.

Twiglett - you're cheery today! I don't want to die from a reheated meal thanks very much.

MerlinsBeard Fri 19-May-06 12:32:14

no, not fropm tuesday, i woul.dn't reheat any meal that had been fridged since tuesday actually

Twiglett Fri 19-May-06 12:32:34

bunch of wusses .. go for the chinese .. heat thoroughly

it won't fill you up though .. you'll be cooking chips in 30 minutes time

why is that? why doesn't chinese food remain in tummy?

flowertot Fri 19-May-06 12:34:26

Glld god yes. Whyever not? If its been in fridge. can't imagine what you are all frightened of??

PanicPants Fri 19-May-06 12:35:48

I would if it's the next day but not a few days - especially killer rice!!

SaintGeorge Fri 19-May-06 12:36:46

Probably something to do with all the MSG Twiglett

Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 12:55:22

3 yes, 4 no

I really fancy it now. Off to heat...

Thanks all.

Twiglett Fri 19-May-06 19:40:49

did you die then?

Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 19:42:46

Still here. Thanks for the concern

It was delicious but have slight stomach ache now. Am eating toast to take my mind off it!

EmmyLou Fri 19-May-06 20:06:38

Would like update in morning please Gem13 to see if you have survived - i spend much time with food in tupperware hovering beetwixt cooker, bin and fridge - yes, i even put it back in fridge if can't make up my mind (only to bin it several days later.

Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 20:08:40

I figured in the end that it would be fresher than fresh meals from the supermarket and probably handled by far fewer people!

NotActuallyAMum Fri 19-May-06 20:12:05

Bit late I know...

But I'd have done it without question seeing as it had been in the fridge

yomellamoHelly Fri 19-May-06 20:15:52


Gem13 Fri 19-May-06 20:18:26

Stomach ache has receeded.

EmmyLou Sun 21-May-06 14:34:21

Gem13 is obviously as dead as this thread

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