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inspiration for healthy fillings for wraps please?

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racingheart Thu 02-May-13 13:12:32

DS has been ill and is off his food. Can't have cheese at all as he's got a bad cough. Bit sick of tomato based sauces. I fancied doing wraps tonight but am out of inspiration as to what to put in them.

Any ideas, please?

LineRunner Thu 02-May-13 13:18:02

My DS has discovered hummus, all the different flavours available make for a bit of variety.

And obviously chicken pieces fried with pretty much any spices and vegetables, or fairly plain if he's feeling a bit poorly.

I like a bolognese type filling (or chilli con carne) with mushrooms and spinach also.

Why the cheese-based cough if you don't mind me asking?

fallenempires Thu 02-May-13 13:21:19

My dcs like tuna mayo or chicken mayo.For something hot would a mild curry work?I would have suggested chilli with some sour cream but that involves tomatoes again!

racingheart Thu 02-May-13 13:34:58

Yes I love chilli in wraps but we've had tomato based everything for five days in a row because that's all he fancies.

We were told to lay off dairy as apparently it can increase mucus (sorry if TMI) and make a cough harder to get rid of. He normally lives on dairy - loves cheese on everything and glasses of milk, but he's been really strict with himself about it, as he's so sick of this cough, so I'm going along with it.

Love the idea of a mild curry in a wrap - he might like that.
trips of chicken breast would also be a good bet.

Thanks so much for the ideas.

LineRunner Thu 02-May-13 13:41:31

Ah, thanks (I think!) for the explanation. Yes, a nice mild curry sounds lovely. Falafels (chick pea based) are nice, too.

Hope he's better soon. My DS vomits for England whenever he's unwell.

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