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DC have to eat what I cook or go without/miss Charlie & Lola etc

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islandjude Tue 30-Apr-13 00:21:46

Am I storing up trouble by expecting my 3yr old twin boys to eat what I cook. They will just about eat recognisable bits of veg now when mixed in with pasta, quorn (we're veggie) etc instead of having to puree veg. But they often pick out tiny bits of veg and leave on one side - which I collect from their bowl and shovel in at the end of the meal! Does it have vegetables in it? Does it have corn? Is a common cry when I have spent up to an hour cooking. Any thoughts. Am I very bad sad

jenduck Tue 30-Apr-13 09:33:14

I have a 4-year old DS & a 2-year old DS. They both eat pretty much anything, but certainly DS1 is old enough to be told 'If you don't have room for veg, you don't have room for pudding!' & it works quite well. Obviously, I only serve food that I know he likes or tolerates, even if it might not be his favourite.

There is also a case for picking your battles, though. Pureeing veg into a sauce or making cauliflower cheese etc so that they will eat it is better than them not eating it at all, surely?

It's a tricky one!

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 30-Apr-13 14:10:41

We do the no room for veg, there's no room for pudding one too.

If they are leaving things I wouldn't punish or even comment, I would let them leave the table when everyone has finished eating and calmly refuse any requests for more food.

Do they eat lots of fruit? Don't think eating veg is much of a worry if they get plenty of fruit, although I'd keep offering it.

Had to smile at sticking veg in sauce, I have to grate carrots in spag Bol for my veg refusing elderly mother shockgrin

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