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Help needed for very picky eaters!

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Mrsambition Mon 29-Apr-13 16:12:53

Am currently on maternity leave so I have to make a dinner most nights. I am already fed up with chips/wedges & something from the freezer (not eaten every night but most) The problem is DH is picky & so is DD. Believe me I have tried everything to get them to try and eat a variety but DH is set in his ways & DD is hopefully going through a phase!!

Things they won't/can't eat include

Potatoes (but will eat chips, weird I know)
Vegetables (of any kind unless I can hide them)

Any Recipie ideas greatly appreciated. ESP ones where I can hide the veg as I love it dearly & miss it! I don't mind cooking from scratch. Trying to sort this issue out before baby comes along


moondog Mon 29-Apr-13 19:44:12

The more oyu pander, the pickier they will become.
Cook one meal and one meal only.
If they won't eat it-tough.
Either they go hungry or sort themselves out.

sharond101 Mon 29-Apr-13 22:21:29

I have similar issues with DH. His list of dislikes;

cheese (but will eat pizza)
potatoes (but will eat chips)
creamy sauces
cous cous
pasta is a hit or miss

I incorporate vegetables by adding peas to rice, pureeing soups or sweating down onions or leeks in butter with chilli, garlic or balsamic vinegar.

I usually do different dinners maybe 4 nights per week then we have the same the other nights. He like steak pie with chips, chicken with yorkshire puddings and gravy, fajitas with only small amount onions and peppers, enchiladas, chicken curry and rice, crispy shredded beef and rice, breaded chicken fillet and rice, chicken kebab and rice, anything with rice really!

kelly14 Tue 30-Apr-13 04:20:51

You can still have your veg on the side surely ? I love veg so wouldn't want to eat it hidden, I would just have the same meal with loads of veg on the side.

I am lucky in that dd will eat anything but some ideas are
Broccoli and cauliflower cheese, could even add chopped bacon.

I do dd a chicken stir fry with shredded left over chicken, spring onions , broccoli, peppers and mushrooms with garlic, soy sauce and noodles

When doing a shepherds pie I sometimes boil cauliflower first and mash up and then mix this with the mash and cheese and top the shepards pie with that, its yum!

Spag Bol, I literally run knife over the broccoli so its like little tiny shavings of the bits and add this to the spag Bol, makes it really yum and you wouldn't know it was there. Or start adding in some grated carrot over time and gradually increase quantities.

Asparagus wrapped in Parma ham as a side for you

Simple spaghetti with garlic oil, ( chili of you like) salt and pepper, cooked unsmoked bacon, small broccoli florets with shaved fresh Parmesan .

Good luck x

racingheart Thu 02-May-13 13:26:26

I love sneaky veg recipes.
My fave is meat and veg burgers.

Make breadcrumbs in blender from 2 thick crusts or slices of bread (white or brown but not granary), and put in mixing bowl.

Blend a large red onion (chopped) with one egg, 4 cubes of defrosted and drained spinach and a chopped up bulb of fennel until it's a smooth foam in the blender. Add to mixing bowl with pinch of salt, pepper, thyme and nutmeg. Stir in 500g of family's favourite minced meat. (Goes best with pork imho, but any will do.)

If the spinach looks too suspiciously green, add some tomato puree to counteract the colour, until the whole lot looks brownish.

Make into burgers and grill or bake, turning once until cooked. Makes about 8-10 burgers. Hide burgers in proper burger buns with ketchup, so they don't see the colour. I've never met a child who doesn't scoff these down.

Or make tomato sauce with red onions, red and orange peppers, carrots, courgettes and mushrooms with passata or chopped onions. Reduce sauce till its quite thick and blend for ages and ages until it's lump free, then use it on home made pizzas, covered in mozzarella, or as a base for spag bol etc. As long as it just looks red they don't object.

I also grate parsnip and celeriac into cottage pie meat base - no one notices, then serve with peas and carrots. I blend onions, celery and mushrooms into the sauce of meat casseroles. As long as it's blended into a thick gravy, not visibly veg, they love it.

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