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New fair trade ethical supermarket in Melksham, Wiltshire

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azroc Wed 17-May-06 17:45:18

A wonderful new shop called Who Cares has recently opened on the Avonside Business Park,New Broughton Road, Melksham. They have a wonderful selection of groceries (mostly organic), cruelty- and chemical-free toiletries and household cleaning products (nearly all the big-name brands still test on animals and use a dangerous number of chemicals), real nappies, gifts, clothing and alcohol. There is a play area for young children and the atmosphere is very friendly. This is such a worthwhile venture - if you live close enough then come and support it. I now shop there twice a week! They have wonderful fresh bread on Saturdays too.

azroc Sat 20-May-06 09:09:12

Bump! They will have glorious fresh bread there today!

FrannySmith Sat 20-May-06 09:13:04

God I wish it was near me, how fab

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