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Little question about puff pastry

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LeBFG Sun 28-Apr-13 14:10:26

OK OK I know I'm meant to buy puff - but I can't as I live overseas.

I tried making ruff puff today for sauage rolls (Paul Hollywood recipe) and there were lots of nice pastry layers but the pastry had a bite to it. It tasted drier than I expected. Is this to be expected with ruff puff?

I've attached a photo (am into keeping a photo diary at the moment [sad buggar icon]).

quoteunquote Sun 28-Apr-13 16:10:37

this recipe is good for a quick one

LeBFG Sun 28-Apr-13 17:30:09

The recipe is very similar. Hollywood's includes lemon juice and a tad less butter that's all....

I fear it may just be a feature of ruff puff. The real stuff has butter right to the edges and probably moistens the pastry more. Dunno. Back to the drawing board.

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