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Cold roast chicken..... a delish recipe suggestion please if you will....

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KBear Wed 17-May-06 16:53:24

I have a headache and can't think for myself

KBear Wed 17-May-06 16:58:43

come on, they'll be starving in a minute and I'll just have to throw it at them as it is.....Henry VIII style!

oooh me 'ead!!!!

motherinferior Wed 17-May-06 17:02:08

Crack open a jar of mayo, and just eat the bugger. Delish.

sunchowder Wed 17-May-06 17:04:49

Mayo on one side, branston pickle on the other--intbetween to lovely slices of bread.

KBear Wed 17-May-06 17:04:56

I did think that.... serious attack of "can't be arsed-ness". I think a little side salad and a pitta bread and that'll do them. What kind of mother am I???

sunchowder Wed 17-May-06 17:05:03

two slices of bread even.

motherinferior Wed 17-May-06 17:05:49

I would adore cold chicken and mayo for supper. If you were my mum, I'd be really, really chuffed. You can't bike some over to Catford, can you>

KBear Wed 17-May-06 17:05:53

New recipe for your next book Sunchowder! Kbear's Chicken! You need a plate and jar of Branston and you're away!

milge Wed 17-May-06 17:06:17

add a bit of curry powder, lemon juice and sultanas to the mayo, you have coronation chicken! Very nearly I can't be arsed, but so superior.

KBear Wed 17-May-06 17:06:35

MI - will be with you in 20 mins - traffic permitting!

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