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Totally unmotivated to make tea

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NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 16:47:37

I would like to use at least one of:
- courgettes
- fennel

I would also like to use quinoa, but am not that bothered.

I have most of the usual ingredients, I think. Pasta, lemons, tinned tomatoes, cheese, etc etc. Any suggestions?

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Wed 17-May-06 16:48:27

no idea - takeaway instead?! LOL

Auntymandy Wed 17-May-06 16:49:24

Pasta and mix up your veg with lots of herbs and top with cheese!

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 16:49:55

No, can't face takeaway, too much grease.

Oh, I have lots of eggs. Could make something in the way of a frittata. DH doesn't like 'em though. Maybe I don't care what he likes, though.

Ledodgyherring Wed 17-May-06 16:50:22

roast veg with pesto and pasta and maybe some feta cheese or other crumbled in?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 16:50:46

Hmm, might do that with quinoa instead of pasta ... bake it a tiny bit, with cheese.

But was planning spinach + sweet pepper pasta bake with tomato and ricotta for tea tomorrow ...

Auntymandy Wed 17-May-06 16:51:45

well do tomorrows tonight!!!
what's quinoa?

motherinferior Wed 17-May-06 16:54:04

Under your circumstances of assorted veg I usually resort to a stirfry. You could have an omelette with it. You might need to nip out for ginger, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to track down.

We are awash with veg as the fetching delivery bloke arrived this morning.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 16:55:43

Stirfried fennel? Really?

I think I will roast courgettes, fennel, garlic and onions, with some olive oil, and maybe parmesan. And serve quinoa separately. Or maybe an omelette.

motherinferior Wed 17-May-06 16:56:54

Mr Slater says you can.

mousiemousie Wed 17-May-06 16:58:13

just eat a bar of chocolate yourself and let dp sort out everything else. That's what I did yesterday

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 16:59:15

Mr Slater is my food god, so I probably should trust him. Haven't got any ginger, but the local turks probably do. Hmmm, stir-fry is reasonably tempting. Could stick in some curry paste. Some seeds. Serve with quinoa, and it's vegan but with protein.

Oh, we have radishes. Can't stirfry those can you?

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 16:59:41

If DH was allowed to sort it all, we'd have takeaway every night, I think.

motherinferior Wed 17-May-06 17:00:11

Whyever not? They will add a touch of hot crunch. You can, IME, stir fry most things. Including cicadas.

Auntymandy Wed 17-May-06 17:10:41

what is quinoa?

elclose Wed 17-May-06 17:11:32

do a kind of ratatoui and serve with quinoa add some chickpeas

elclose Wed 17-May-06 17:12:43

its kinda like rice crossed with cous cous crossed with oats its yummy and is also a protein as well as a carb

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 17:20:13

Hmm, I would make ratatouille, only I had last week's leftover ratatouille for lunch, with pasta and tuna and capers. So no more ratatouille for me today.

I will do random stirfry, but with ginger. Off to muster children to leave house, hurrah.

NotQuiteCockney Wed 17-May-06 19:14:08

Made stir fry. Tried to stir-fry properly (I struggle, tend to cook it all on too low a temperature, or add coconut milk and simmer etc etc), it came out ok, but a bit too greasy. (I added more oil than normal, to keep it from burning.)

Quinoa was a big hit, particularly with DS2, who is a carbmonster.

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