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Nigella's Guinness cake.

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TastesLikePanda Sat 27-Apr-13 13:06:42

So I've decided to make this tomorrow but I don't have a big enough cake tin... Would it work as a sandwich cake or should i bite the bullet and buy a bigger tin?

The other option is to make cupcakes so that is plan c but I love the visual image of cutting into a huge cake!

Novia Sat 27-Apr-13 13:19:42

Hey - my friend made this recently and it was amazing! I have to say that I think you run the risk of having a dry cake if you split the mixture though, as much of the appeal is in the denseness of the cake!

I would love it if you could spare the time to please share the recipe and let us know how it goes?! grin

fallenempires Sat 27-Apr-13 13:24:26

I'd be inclined to buy the bigger tin tbh.It's quite a dense cake and sandwich tins are designed for lighter bakes such as victoria sponge.
It's a lovely cake you won't be disappointed!

TastesLikePanda Sat 27-Apr-13 13:26:24

Thanks! Looks like ill have to pop to the shops then, to buy a bigger tin and some new shoes since I'm out wink

TastesLikePanda Sat 27-Apr-13 13:27:30

Nokia , I just googled tbh, so it's a wee gamble for me. But. Have discovered a love of baking that my friends are keen to exploitencourage!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sat 27-Apr-13 18:50:33

It does work in 2 smaller tins, but I tend to just make two smaller cakes when I do that rather than sandwiching them together.

milkwasabadchoice Sat 27-Apr-13 18:51:46

No advice but pmg this cake is delicious!

TastesLikePanda Wed 01-May-13 00:11:30

Omg -this cake is sooooo good! So rich and moist!
I made one big cake that I topped with plain whipped cream and a batch of cupcakes that I would have topped with cream but most people wanted them plain...

Such a great cake!

TheRealFellatio Fri 03-May-13 13:57:49

I made that this week too and had the same problem. I put it in a deepish tin that was only slightly too small, and the mixture just about all fitted in, and it rose up tons in cooking. I was delighted with the cake itself, but I felt that the cream cheese icing/frosting tasted a little bit too plain and could have done with a bit more sugar and perhaps a bit of lemon juice, which you usually get in cream cheese frosting.

I had to cook mine for about 25 mins longer and turn the oven down to 170 from 180 as I guess the smaller tin meant it was a bit deeper in the centre and took a longer time to firm up. It was still beautifully moist in the middle though.

TheRealFellatio Fri 03-May-13 13:58:27

That should have said 15 mins longer, not 25 confused

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