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Good side dish for fish pie?

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MissFredi Sat 27-Apr-13 12:30:53

Probably can't call it fish pie, there's cod and tuna in it with peas, sweet corn, parsley sauce and of course the cheese mash. But it's not very big, don't know what to put with it?

ClaimedByMe Sat 27-Apr-13 12:33:32

crusty bread and butter?

TSSDNCOP Sat 27-Apr-13 12:35:02

Asparagus, spinach, mange tout

Crusty bread

DewDr0p Sat 27-Apr-13 16:34:56

We always have peas with fish pie. It's the law. grin

But as there are peas in it, I would go with mange tout or green beans - I think a bit of crunch would be good as a contrast to the pie.

AnimatedDad Sat 27-Apr-13 21:58:59

Roasted fennel?

LadyMetroland Sat 27-Apr-13 22:00:15

I'd do buttered leeks and green beans

AnimatedDad Sat 27-Apr-13 22:02:06

Roasted fennel?

yomellamoHelly Sat 27-Apr-13 22:02:20

Baked beans!

MissFredi Sat 27-Apr-13 22:11:41

Aha love baked beans grin

I'm going to go with crusty bread, as its all I have in out of everything that's been suggested. Thank you grin

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