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Fish for Beginners

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OhhhhNoooo Fri 26-Apr-13 07:19:27

I'd like to start eating more fish but have never cooked it myself.
Have you got a quick and easy (for very basic cook) bbq or oven receipe?

What should I buy if I like very plain non fishy fish (fish and chip shop type fish)?
How much should it cost and how big are the fillets?
How do I tell if it's good/bad/lower standed at the fish shop e.g. premium brand verses own label, etc?

How do I cook it?

Thank you very much

coffeewineandchocolate Fri 26-Apr-13 07:25:20

Best beginner way is to go to asda and get a piece of fish of the fish counter in those foil bags complete with flavoured butter to oven. Instructions will beer on the guide and I've found them good at suggesting fish to try

sashh Fri 26-Apr-13 07:42:36

Unfortunately the white fish is more expensive then the cheap.

One for the BBQ

Square of foil, put in a whole mackerel, put tinned pineapple in the open bit, add salt, pepper and spices if you like.

Wrap the foil and BBQ for about 20 mins.

ClaimedByMe Fri 26-Apr-13 07:53:14

Bit of white fish, haddock or cod, dip in egg then dip in breadcrumbs, I then fry with for a minute on each side just to give it a bit of colour, you can just put it in the oven, serve with chip and peas.

WilsonFrickett Fri 26-Apr-13 09:47:31

If you like curry try Vicky Bhogal's coconut fish dream recipe, with any kind of fish. It's basically a spicy sauce made of coconut milk, you just slip the fish in and let it heat through for a few minutes.

Also second the Asda bags, it's a really easy way to cook fish. If you don't have an Asda, DIY:

Get a bit of foil big enough to double up and still make a loose parcel round your fish. Double it up, put the fillet on the foil and bring the edges up. Add salt, pepper, any herbs you have, a splash of wine and a splash of water. Or a knob of butter and a splash of water. Bring the ends of the parcel together and crimp them slightly. Stick in the oven for 15 - 25 mins depending on thickness of fish.

Littlemissexpecting Fri 26-Apr-13 19:00:51

Pollock is cheaper than cod and tastes very similar. If you buy from fish counter they will happily remove skin for you and advise you on portion sizes, cooking times etc.
Place in a piece of foil with a drizzle of olive oil, squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper. Wrap in foil and cook in oven. Very simple and quick. We have it with baby potatoes or couscous and ratatouille.
If you like smoked fish its easy to cook in a pan of milk or microwave with milk.

goodlifemummy Fri 26-Apr-13 21:05:07

Salmon fillets in oven proof frying pan, fry until golden on bottom, chuck some sweet chilli sauce over then bung in oven for about 7 mins....our fave fish dish serve with couscous and salad smile

sharond101 Fri 26-Apr-13 22:18:09

We buy haddock, whiting, cod or river cobbler. I top with some red pesto then breadcrumbs before baking in the oven uncovered on a non stick baking tray at 180deg for 15minutes or until cooked through. It's delicious,simple and not fishy.

melliebobs Sat 27-Apr-13 16:42:34

Tbh I'm mega lazy but have started using Asda fish counter coa they've made it a but more user friendly.

Pick your fish
Pick your marinade or crumb
Chose what type of bag you want to cook it in

So far faves have been the chilli and coriander mackerel kebabs (I served them with noodles and stir fry veg) and Cajun salmon fillet with broccoli and potatoes

OhhhhNoooo Wed 01-May-13 19:24:49

Thank you for your suggestions.

I will give your ideas a go shortly and will let you know how it goes.

Ruffello Wed 01-May-13 20:17:46

Fish cakes? Here and here

rootypig Wed 01-May-13 20:25:02

Salmon fillets - spread out enough foil on a baking tray to make a parcel around the salmon (if doing several fillets space an inch apart, you can do them all in the same bit of foil), add a good splash of white wine or vermouth; put a bay leaf, slice of lemon and a few whole black peppercorns on top of each piece. Bake at 180C for 15/20 mins until done (just flaking and still moist).

Seriously the easiest way to cook fish - no smells from frying, barely any washing up - and the most delicious too.

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