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For those of you with fussy eaters...

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plug Tue 16-May-06 19:38:22

dd2 has flatly refused to eat anything containing or touching a potato for the last 18 months (she's 3). However, every time we have potatoes, I've always put one on her plate (just so she can say "I don't like that Mummy" - nice little routine).

ANYway, served up roast chicken, accompanied by a solitary roast new potato as usual.

"I like potatoes Mummy. Mmm, can I have another one?"

Never give up hope.

FrayedKnot Tue 16-May-06 19:47:10

Oooh, I'm excited, I do that with DS & veg.

He will eat peas and carrots but nohting else, but he always gets given whatver I'm cooking, just so he can try it, say "don;t like it", and give it to me instead.

I'll keep going, then!

plug Tue 16-May-06 20:03:12

Just you and me then frayedknot .

She has also been notoriously bad with all veg but is gradually eating more and more different types - last week she insisted she LOVED leeks!!

Gloworm Tue 16-May-06 20:10:55

Ds has just started eating pasta, noodles and pizza at the grand old age of 4. Its amazing how much veg can be hidden in a tomato-based sauce

he is also now willing to try 1 bite of nearly anything. He is allowed to spit it out if he doesnt like it, not ideal but it means he is trying lots of new food.

we had pretty much stopped putting these things on his plate, didnt want to make an issue out of it. we had dinner at mums oneday, there were about 10 other kids there eating pizza/pasta and hence his sudden change of mind!

Gloworm Tue 16-May-06 20:12:33

next target is to get him to eat undisguised veg

FrayedKnot Tue 16-May-06 22:17:48

Ds is deeply suspicious of anythign green. Is it innate, do you think?

He will eat olives and once ate marinated artichokes. But brocolli? Don;t like, Mummy!

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