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Which is the best Madhur Jaffrey book with a good variety of recipes, preferably gluten free?

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MadMonkeys Tue 23-Apr-13 13:26:13

I'm asking because DD2 (7mo) is gluten intolerant (and dairy intolerant) and that's made me realise just how much I rely on wheat flour etc in my cooking and baking. I know Indian food uses a lot less wheat flour sand Madhur Jaffrey's recipes appeal to me - can anyone nominate their favourite of her books?

UptoapointLordCopper Tue 23-Apr-13 14:00:50

I have An invitation to indian cooking. It doesn't look very pretty but has lots of very nice simple recipes that use spices other than chilli and I've cooked a fair few for DC who don't like hot food. She does use yogurt though, but I'm sure you can substitute that with soya yogurt.

I also have her curry bible type thing but I use that far less often.

Japanese food and Chinese food also has lots of gf and dairy-free options (as long as you get gf soya sauce, which you can quite easily from big supermarkets).

MadMonkeys Tue 23-Apr-13 14:10:29

Thank you UptoapointLordCooper, I didn't know you could get gf soy sauce - that's great!

QueenofWhatever Tue 23-Apr-13 19:08:42

I'm a huge fan of her World Vegetarian book and have been using it regularly for over ten years. It's probably my most used cookbook.

On a different tangent, paleo or primal diets are gluten free and often dairy free. I would start with or look at the paleo/primal thread on here. You can find recipes all over the Internet - just type in paleo recipes or e.g. Paleo whatever dish you're trying to cook.

NotGoodNotBad Wed 24-Apr-13 12:31:15

Dunno much about gluten-free, but Eastern Vegetarian Cooking is fantastic - and our most-used recipes from there don't have gluten in.

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