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Lamb necks

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rainbowslollipops Sun 21-Apr-13 16:21:30

Doing the big food shop I thought I'd get some lamb necks. What can I cook with them?

couldtryharder Sun 21-Apr-13 17:48:33

They need to be cooked long and slow in a casserole type thing. I use them in Persian 'stews' call khoresht. Chop up and fry off a couple of aubergines (do the salting thing if you want but I don't think it's necessary). Set to one side. Chop up and sautee a big onion and as much garlic as you like in your food. Add a good tablespoon or two of tomato puree and cook it off with the onions for a bit. Add a teaspoon of tumeric, the lamb necks chopped up into chunky pieces, the aubergines and enough water to only just cover. You can use pasata or a tin of tomatoes topped up with water if you prefer. Simmer on a low heat for a good couple of hours until the meat is tender. Season with salt and pepper and a good squeeze of lemon juice (Persians add a small dried lime thing call limoo for the whole cooking time, that you could probably buy on line, but fish it out and don't eat it once it's done). The sour of the lemon juice or limoo cuts through the rice tomato sauce. Lovely with rice.

Oddsocksrus Sun 21-Apr-13 17:51:59

Ooh. Thank you, I have two lurking in the freeze from buying a cold of whole lambs for this year. I didnt have a clue what to do with them and didn't want to make mother's suggestion which involved boning, stuffing rolling etc which was too much of a faff!

rainbowslollipops Sun 21-Apr-13 17:58:34

wow that sounds amazing and like a really tasty dinner! thank you! grin

couldtryharder Sun 21-Apr-13 17:59:51

It should be kind of rich and unctuous so if it's looking a bit watery leave the lid off for a while and let it reduce a bit. Hope you enjoy!

TunipTheVegedude Sun 21-Apr-13 18:01:22

Long and slow, as Couldtryharder said.

I really like neck of lamb with lemon and thyme (as well as basic stock veg, stock and maybe a bit of white wine). The sharpness of the lemon offsets the fatty lamb really well.

couldtryharder Sun 21-Apr-13 18:07:09

Am mixing my social media and hitting 'like' to Tunip's lamb.

Also really good in a hotpot. Cut up and dust in seasoned flour. Put in bottom of casserole. Finely slice and fry off LOTS of onions, season and put on top of meat. Finely slice lots of potatoes, toss in melted butter and layer over onions. Add chicken stock to a cm under potatoes and bung in a low oven with the lid on for 3 hours. Turn the oven right up and take the lid off to brown to potatoes for half an hour or so. Very simple and very good. Needs pickled cabbage to cut through the richness. Home made much nicer than vinegary shop bought.

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