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so i have...

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coffeewineandchocolate Sat 20-Apr-13 13:08:34

A slow cooker
Joint of pork
Two bottles of cider
Cooking apples
A healthy store cupboard and freezer

Does anyone have any amazing recipes?

TheArmadillo Sat 20-Apr-13 14:25:55

Stick the pork in the slow cooker with a bottle of the cider and some thyme.

Cook the apples with some onions (preferably red) in a frying pan with a small splash of vinegar and some sage and black pepper. Add a spoon of honey if you like it sweeter.

Make a gravy with the liquid from the slow cooker.

coffeewineandchocolate Sat 20-Apr-13 14:29:54

Ooh thanks! That sounds amazing!

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