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Is she eating enough?

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Jaysfirst Mon 15-May-06 13:24:55

My DD is 19 weeks and a few weeks ago i decided to ween onto formula. I now give her a BF in the morning ( 7pm) when she takes both breasts and drains then an 6-8oz feed at 11 depending on her mood, then the same at 3, three days ago i introduced a rusk at about 5 then a further milk feed at about 7 before she goes down for the night, normally sleeping till 5 when she wakes for about half an hr then goes back to sleep..and so on... now i know all about not weening before 6 months and how milk is enough, but i really felt it wasnt for her, she doesnt seem to cry for more food, but i have read threads where some LO's are having two meals, two bottles ....AND 4-5 BF a day...any thoughts?

(btw two weeks back she was 16 1/2 lbs so i know shes not underweight, but she is very long!)

Jaysfirst Mon 15-May-06 17:52:41


Coolmama Tue 16-May-06 14:49:29

I think it all depends on the baby - I only started to wean my DS at 6 and a bit months as I didn't feel the need to rush things.
Sounds like your DD is just fine - she is not yelling for food or going hungry and is gaining weight steadily so I would think that what you are doing now sounds fine. If you are concerned that she might need more, then speak to your HV - if you do want to bulk up her intake, then you should probably try to introduce some baby rice -

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