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Recipes that include natural yoghurt

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gruffalobore Mon 15-Apr-13 16:14:19

Hello all
I have a good amount of natural yoghurt that needs to be eaten.
Because I am a skinflint resourceful, I'd like to use it up before it goes off.
Any recipe ideas for dinners which will use it up?

Themobstersknife Mon 15-Apr-13 16:18:49

I do a yoghurt topping to moussaka, which is basically natural yoghurt mixed with an egg and a touch of mustard powder. This would work equally well on lasagne or similar. I also use it in a stroganoff - make the sauce with stock, tom puree and nutmeg, take off heat then stir in the yoghurt to make a creamy sauce. Other thought would be curry?

SparkyTGD Mon 15-Apr-13 16:23:10

definitely curry, with some cucumber yoghurt raita.

Or something middle eastern, kebab/falafel pitta with tzatziki.

My mum used to make a yoghurt loaf cake which was yummy.

gruffalobore Mon 15-Apr-13 16:47:01

Thanks, some great ideas. I like curries very hot so probably wouldn't put it in a curry. However I like the idea of a topping for lasagne. Silly question but can you just use mustard rather than mustard powder? Don't think I've got any of the powder variety.
Will also take a look at loaf cake, just weaning a baby and also have a toddler sounds like a healthy option for them.

CogitoErgoSometimes Mon 15-Apr-13 16:48:58

I use plain yoghurt as part of a tandoori-style marinade for kebabs.

WhispersOfWickedness Mon 15-Apr-13 16:53:22


Themobstersknife Mon 15-Apr-13 16:55:16

Can't see why you can't use a little mustard. Tbh, mustard flavour doesn't come through so you are prob ok without.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 15-Apr-13 16:59:24

Yes to tsatziki..

Make minty yoghurt to serve with curries or with falafel pittas etc. Yoghurt, fresh mint or mint sauce, lemon juice, s & p.

Curries - but don't let it boil once added.

I often add a big spoonful to cake/muffin mixtures - it makes it nice and moist.

Put some in a shallow dish, top with a layer of brown sugar and leave for a couple of hours. It will go fudgey and lovely - good with baked plums or apples.

MelanieCheeks Tue 16-Apr-13 13:08:30

Turn it into a heathier Caesar dressing for salad. Whizz it together with some anchovies and lemon juice, plenty of black pepper.

Make overnight oats/ Bircher muesli. Soak porridge oats in fruit juice in a cereal bowl overnight in the fridge. Add some dried fruit if you like, the juice will plump them up. In the morning add grated apple, a good blob or 2 of yoghurt, and sprinkle with some nuts and seeds.

MERLYPUSS Tue 16-Apr-13 22:13:19

Put it in a curry instead of cream. You can use if for sauces where you would use cream like pork Dijon

gruffalobore Wed 17-Apr-13 19:58:50

Thanks for the ideas, have been quite busy so put it in a curry in the end!
Whenever I buy some I always seem to have some left over until it goes off, so some good tips here.

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