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Do you have specific days for specific meals? E.g. Sunday roasts

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mixedmamameansbusiness Sat 13-Apr-13 14:04:50

I feel like I spend every day wondering what to cook so am wondering about having particular food days, not exactly the same every week but loosely. I was thinking:

Monday (DH day off so he cooks) curry
Tuesdays casserole (DH comes home late so easily reheatable)
Wednesday Roast
Thursday curry (DH again)
Friday fish
Saturday freezer/take away
Sunday a new recipe - DC have asked for food from different countries so am thinking involving them in this

What do you do?

nappydaysagain Sat 13-Apr-13 14:17:46

Monday my mum (who looks after DS whilst I'm at work) makes a spaghetti bologneise, Tue is something in slow cooker put in before work (9 times out of 10 beef casserole) and Sunday is usually a roast. Saturday night is often fajitas or lasagne.

YoniOneWayOfLife Sat 13-Apr-13 14:21:38

Saturday is sausages beans mash day, Sunday is roast. During the week we go a bit free style as the DC are on hot lunches and we don't eat together. Mondays is usually pasta and Thursday is pizza. Generally I do a mini-roast mid week as well. We also do leftovers Free For All Friday, where fuelled by wine I make 5 different meals for the DC to their request and specification.

DwellsUndertheSink Sat 13-Apr-13 14:25:34

i found it helpful to write a list of all the dishes I make with eg mince, another list of chicken dishes, list of "leftovers from roasts" dishes, list of pasta/rice dishes etc. Its surprising how many things you can actually cook if you put your mind to it.

So then I can take one or two from each list to make up the weeks menu.

I try and add new dishes once or twice a month, just so we have some variety.

BlueChampagne Mon 15-Apr-13 16:44:21

Fry up Monday is an institution on our house (adults only) to make the start of the working week a little better. If bank holiday, move to Tue!

Chewbecca Mon 15-Apr-13 17:23:08

Yes, I do but not especially intentionally, it just seems to work out that way.
Sunday i do like a roast or BBQ in summer.
Monday often eggs, just seems right to be light ish and meat free after the weekend. Jacket Pots an alternative (in oven now)
Tuesday Wednesday is often one day pasta (with pesto, bolonaise, carbonara or salmon and leek) one day rice (risotto or chicken curry or Spanish chicken, or Thai chicken)
Thursday is often a take away as I tend to work late on Thursdays and DH a) can't be bothered to cook and b) loves all takeaways.
Friday I don't work so often traditional Friday fish (not fried and battered though) as I can buy and cook on the same day.
Saturday if we're staying in will be a sort of 'treat' meal, maybe steak, maybe fish if we haven't had on Friday.

deepbluewave Mon 15-Apr-13 20:13:03

Only just learning to cook-
Sunday- roast chicken dinner
Mon- left over chicken pasta bake
Tue- roll pastry pie or salmon new pots
Wed dinner at mums
Left over fish pie/lasagne or Shepards pie, that I usually make on my Monday day off
Fri- take away pizza!
Sat- something experimental!

I've been a LP for about 2 months & I've run out of things!

Gales Mon 15-Apr-13 20:20:59

My whole week's menu is arranged around Sunday Roast!

For example we had roast beef yesterday, tonight was beef stir-fry and I'll make a cottage pie later in the week, might get a spag bol out of it too if I add enough lentils. The gaps will be filled with fish, sausages or vegetarian meals.

If it was chicken yesterday it would be chicken biryani (not authentic grin ) then chicken soup with noodles greens and sweetcorn, plus fish etc on the other days.

AlohaMama Tue 16-Apr-13 02:02:31

Yes but more based around working arrangements.
Fri & weekends - have more time so can cook something in the oven, or BBQ or try new recipe.
Mondays - work from home, so can cook in oven, or something I can prep at lunchtime. Like lasagne, moussaka, roasted veggies, big bolognaise sauce, curry. Also cook something I can freeze leftovers because...
Tuesdays - work in office, not much time, usually have Mon l'overs
Wed - work in office, but don't want same meal 3 days running so have previous week's leftovers from freezer
Thur - work from home, but go food shopping, something quick to make e.g., pasta

Longdistance Tue 16-Apr-13 02:15:53

Sunday is always a roast dinner.
Friday fish and chips, and all the other days its whatever we have in. Sometimes go to a restaurant on a Saturday.

Poundpup Tue 16-Apr-13 12:15:39

I change my set menus on a seasonal basis but there is a lot of leeway. For instance the current spring menu is

Mon - Pasta night (this could be spag bol or lasgane, stir through sauce)
Tues - Roast Night (each week a different roast, quite like Gammon at the moment.
Weds - Burger Night (falafel, salmon, tuna, veggie)
Thurs - Chicken & sauce (Chicken & any Sharwoods Sauce e.g. Bhuna, black bean, sweet chilli, but if you had the time you could create your own from scratch)
Fri - Fish/Chicken & chips or takeaway (home made if I have the time, frozen if I don't.
Sat - Stir-fry (chow mein, chicken , beef) whatever the family fancy
Sun - Carribean (Jerk chicken & rice) or I try out a new receipe

As you can see I have a set meal but I change the dishes, meats used to add variety. I sometimes use the Sunday night to test dishes that I am thinking of incorporating. I also asks the family if there is anything that they would like. Whether they get it or not is another subject!

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