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Help! Sunday lunch for a vegetarian

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MissPollysTrolleyed Fri 05-Apr-13 10:57:20

We're having friends for lunch on Sunday and their teenage daughter doesn't eat meat. She is not a strict vegetarian and eats fish but we're having pork with all the trimmings so I'd like to make something for her that will go nicely with the usual roast trimmings. I made a mushroom wellington last time she came and that was perfect but have nothing else up my sleeve.

Any ideas anyone?

LClogs Fri 05-Apr-13 11:16:03

Hi, my DH is vegetarian who sometimes eats fish so I have some good recipes you might like to try.

I make marinated salmon (marinate in garlic, grated root ginger and soy sauce for a few hours then grill) and just serve it with the potatoes and veg everyone else is having (roasties in vegetable oil of course)

or nut roast (ground and chopped almonds, onions, breadcrumbs, marmite, beaten egg: fry onions in butter then add everything else, mix and bake for 15 mins)

or carrot and cashew nuts (fry carrots and onions in oil until tender, add handful of red lentils, pinch of herbs, little soy sauce, some chopped tomatoes and water and cook in pan on stove until lentils tender. Add cashew nuts and reheat just before serving).

Any of these can be served with the other veggies you are making.

Best of luck!

DameFanny Fri 05-Apr-13 11:18:25

Or you could just do the Wellington again if she liked it?

MissPollysTrolleyed Fri 05-Apr-13 12:30:39

I'd like to make something different for her. I couldn't work out whether she really liked the Wellington and had only made one so couldn't taste it!

I love your ideas LClogs. Thank you very much. Marinated salmon sounds especially yummy.

One way to go is to make something that can be the main for the veggie and a side for everybody else. So,

- a big dish cauliflower cheese, perhaps with some spinach and some roasted red peppers too and maybe topped with breadcrumbs as well as cheese

- a gratin - HFW has a lovely celeriac and chilli one

- a butternut squash, halved and then stuffed and roasted (Jamile O has a good recipe)

- a dish of big mushrooms, stuffed with cheese and breadcrumbs and maybe spinach etc

MissPollysTrolleyed Fri 05-Apr-13 17:25:01

That's a great idea, thanks. We got celeriac in our veg box this week and I was feeling uninspired by it so might make that gratin. Mmmm.

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