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Freezing savoury pies?

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cupcake78 Mon 01-Apr-13 12:05:40

Do I freeze them before cooking the pastry or afterwards?

Ruthchan Mon 01-Apr-13 16:56:07

If you freeze them before cooking you can have nice freshly baked pastry after defrosting them.

Xiaoxiong Tue 02-Apr-13 08:32:42

Before, and then you can bake straight from frozen - no defrosting needed.

mamacoffee Tue 02-Apr-13 08:47:09

What are you freezing them in? Just curious bc I want to do this too smile

cupcake78 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:09:28

Was going to make a few for pre baby freezer stockup.

Corned beef and potato.
Mince beef/steak.
Veg, lentil, spinach and ricotta mix.
Possibly a fish one if I can be bothered.

The veg and fish ones likely to be potato not pastry.

mamacoffee Wed 03-Apr-13 23:09:47

You will be so so happy you did this as you tuck into a minimal effort (at the time) home cooked meal!! Very Very comforting in the post baby days smile

What sort of container are you freezing them in? I haven't found anything suitable yet.

cupcake78 Thu 04-Apr-13 01:52:49

I remember from last time round how useful this was. Going to get some foil disposable pie cases. No washing up either wink

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