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Do I really need cream for bread and butter pudding?

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EggwiniasRevenge Sun 31-Mar-13 14:20:22

I want to make marmalade hot cross bun pudding.

Just looked for a recipe and they all use cream. I'm sure I've made bread and butter pudding before with just eggs...

dothraki Sun 31-Mar-13 14:27:34

I use milk instead of cream. smile

Madamecastafiore Sun 31-Mar-13 14:28:45

Just make a custard and use that. Sugar, eggs and milk.

EggwiniasRevenge Sun 31-Mar-13 14:53:03

I need a method and quantities please grin

dothraki Sun 31-Mar-13 15:58:39

Sorry - I hope its not too late. I use 2 eggs and 250 ml milk and a dessert spoon of sugar.

EggwiniasRevenge Sun 31-Mar-13 16:43:31

Nope. Not too late. Do you cook straight away or leave to chill before cooking?

dothraki Mon 01-Apr-13 09:53:12

I cook mine straight away smile

EggwiniasRevenge Mon 01-Apr-13 10:27:21

Well I did leave it.

It was delicious. Thanks.

pumpkinsweetie Mon 01-Apr-13 10:29:35

Sounds lovely, and yes u can use milk instead of butter. I plan on making my own hot cross buns today, so make make a pudding if there are any rolls left over smile

pumpkinsweetie Mon 01-Apr-13 17:54:35

I meant instead of cream!, i obviously didn't get enough sleep last night bangs head against wall

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