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Sweet Potatoes - what can I do with them?

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BlueSkySunnyDay Mon 25-Mar-13 16:30:22

I have stupidly ordered 3 BAGS on my grocery order rather than 3 potatoes blush really not sure how I managed that!!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Wed 27-Mar-13 17:47:02


Lovely baked in their skins then split and filled with a mixture of chopped red onion, coriander, red pepper, feta and red chilli plus a dollop of soured cream.

Great in a curry or chilli. I made this yesterday and it was lovely (but lazy!).

Fry onion and cubed sweet pot. Add curry paste and water and cook until sweet pots are nearly tender. Add 2 tins chickpeas and a load of chopped spinach plus a little tin coconut milk. We had it with parathas and a coconut chutney.

FayeKorgasm Wed 27-Mar-13 18:00:05

Sweet potato and spinach dahl. It is on the BBC good food website. I'm making it tonight, it is delish grin

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