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Toddler-friendly proteins?

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Curtsey Fri 22-Mar-13 12:33:40


Would love some great protein ideas for toddlers (mine's 14months). Her diet is about 60:40 vegetarian:meat, sometimes more vegetarian than that, so vegetarian ideas particularly welcome. But fish, chicken and meat ideas very welcome too. I'm looking for mostly chunky or finger foods because she currently hates The Spoon. For example, a favourite meal of hers is roasted chunks of sweet potato, with steamed broccoli florets and maybe some other steamed veg - carrots or peas. What can I add to this to make it more fully balanced? Thanks in advance!

ppeatfruit Sun 24-Mar-13 10:08:56

Curtsey 'tis a normal stage, the fussiness, and will pass esp. if you don't comment on whether she eats or doesn't!

A good idea is not to give too much on the plate they have much smaller stomachs than us. I used to give my mindees and DCs a pretty plate of cut up fruit (or if they're old enough they would cut it up and make patterns or faces etc. with it) always give it before a meal then you know they've had a nourishing start.

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