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Sausage making

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snoworneahva Sat 16-Mar-13 21:48:58

Thanks TB - am still waiting on the skins before I get started. No idea what old English flavour is - will try something fairly plain to begin with - fresh herbs with garlic and onion maybe.

tb Sat 16-Mar-13 21:28:05

Don't make the mistake of mincing the mix too finely.

It's better to give it 2 goes on a coarse plate rather then on the fine one. The first is to mince the meat, the second pass through the mincer is to mix the seasoning in with the minced meat.

I've tried loads of mixes - some turn out like wallpaper paste, and I'm still looking desperately for an old english seasoning recipe, but haven't found one.

snoworneahva Tue 12-Mar-13 16:34:24

I have finally given in to my yearning to make my own sausages and ordered a mincer from Lakeland - pretty excited about being able to eat sausages as often as we like without the health concerns with preservatives and dubious ingredients...maybe evening make something a little more interesting if the notion takes me.

Wondered if anyone else makes their own and has any hints or tips or recipes.

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