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Meal plans for this week-GO! <lacking ideas for midweek!>

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TheSecondComing Sun 10-Mar-13 14:35:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AnonymousBird Tue 09-Apr-13 09:50:10

I've got to:

M - Curry from freezer with rice
Tu - Egg based dinner with news and salad
W - Smoked mackerel mash and green veg
Th - Spicy Chicken pieces with rice and salad
F - Chilli and Jacket with salsa a la Delia
Sa - Lasagne for family eat together supper
Su - Roast somethingorother

And going into next week, it's supposed to get warmer so may start to "summerise" our eating:

Home made burgers (yum)
Kebabs and pitta/rice/salad

MilkRunningOutAgain Mon 08-Apr-13 20:53:24

S roast pork steaks, cheesy potatoes and veg
M home made fish fingers, mash and veg
T chicken wraps with red peppers and mushrooms
W faggots, onion gravy, spinach, crusty bread
T shepards pie and veg
F pizzas, choose your own topping and salad
S ?? Not got so far ahead .., perhaps Spanish omelette, need to buy eggs for this

tillyann2013 Mon 08-Apr-13 19:06:01

Pork and chorizo jambalaya
Homemade steak and ale pie, mash, corn
Philly Salmon, jackets and broccoli
Chicken curry
Roast chicken

MrsExcited Mon 08-Apr-13 17:53:24

M - Aldi Beef Wellington, Jackets & Brocoli
T - On my own, Packet Rissotto
W - Lamb Tagine & Cous cous
Th - Busy night not sure yet
F - Salmon, New potatoes & Brocoli
S - Gammon, Egg and Chips
S - Roast?

Not massively adventurous, but just got back from Tunisia so need to try the tagine out!

tillyann2013 Tue 02-Apr-13 20:06:43

T - smoked haddock risotto
W - toad in the hole, mash and peas
T - chicken fajitas
F - gammon, oven chips, egg, pineapple
S - beef burgers for dh and ds (I'm out for pizza with the girls)
S - roast pork
M - chicken and chorizo jambalaya

Trying to be a bit more adventurous but not really working!

Also trying to be a bit more healthy so adding fish once a week.

mamageekchic Sun 31-Mar-13 08:41:04

S- M&S takeaway or 2
S- meatloaf, mash , broccoli and tomato sauce
M- chicken & veg stir fry with veg, noodles and sweet chilli sauce
T- burgers, onion jam, salad, coleslaw
W- chicken, spinach and green bean tagliatelle with a creamy sauce
T- some kind of meat and veg bake
F- unplanned

Emilythornesbff Fri 29-Mar-13 08:53:08

Forgot to buy fish for Sri lankan fish stew confused
So from Wednesday:
Pasta with bottled sauce and salad
Sausage and mash
Salmon fish cakes (using leftover mash to make them)
Bean stew
Roast chicken
Leftover chicken with pesto and past
Leftover chicken in risotto.

Thereby sticking to above mentioned MN law of 3 meals om a chicken. [smug smiley]
taffeta your meal plan sounds great. Can I have the recipe?

Taffeta Wed 27-Mar-13 20:34:55

Tomorrow - eat up everything in fridge
Friday - away
Saturday - away
Sunday - at parents
Monday - at PILs

Best. Meal. Plan. Ever. grin

Emilythornesbff Wed 27-Mar-13 20:32:03

This week from today:
Pasta with bottled sauce and a salad
Sri lankan fish stew with rice
Sausages and mash
Bean stew
Roast chicken
(leftover) chicken with pesto and pasta
Homemade salmon fish cakes

FairyPenguin Tue 26-Mar-13 19:27:06

- slow cooked whole chicken with carrot and swede mash and Savoy cabbage
- chicken and broccoli noodle soup (use leftover chicken from yesterday, and stock made from chicken carcass)
- slow cooked gammon joint, jacket potatoes, beans
- king prawn stir fry veggies and noodles
- chilli and rice
- pizza and salad

MrsExcited Tue 26-Mar-13 18:10:47

Adding mine for this week, so hopefully i can keep hold of this thread!!!

M: Salmon, new pots, green beans, hollendaise sauce
T: Steak and mushroom pie, Mash pots, broccoli
W: Spaghetti Carbonara
Th: Cottage pie (but now may be going out!!!
F: Roast Pork belly
S: Last night before holiday - Takeaway!!!

Loving the ideas on here!!

cherryflip Tue 19-Mar-13 12:26:10

yesterday- pasta bake
T-chorizo and belly pork casserole
W-sausage boiled spuds and veggies
T-Turkey curry and rice
F-steak slices chips and peas
S- gammon joint roasties and veggies
S -chicken enchildas

ouryve Tue 19-Mar-13 12:21:27

I need to get back to planning a whole week. I normally get stuck for what to do on Thursday. Think I'm sussed for this week, though.

S M&S chinese. Broccoli. DS1 had fish and oven chips.
M Bacon, cauliflower cheese, mixed veg, potato wedges (oven chips for DS1 - you'll spot a pattern here)
T Roast chicken. Stuffing (some from the freezer that needs using up). Veggie sausage for DS1. Cauliflower cheese (always better the next day), Carrots & roasties. (Oven chips for DS1)
W Pizza & salad (power is off all pigging day, so quick and easy)
T Chicken sweet & sour. Rice. Oven chips for the boys. Goodness knows what I'll make DS1 for his protein, as he won't eat chicken.
F Fish feet, chips & peas
S No idea. Will decide after we've been shopping. Might do pasta and roast veg, since we won't have had either a pasta dish or a meat free dish for a week or more.

ArbitraryUsername Tue 19-Mar-13 12:19:46

But it is MN law that you must make a roast chicken stretch to at least 3 meals! grin

To be honest, when I do this, it might sound like starting again for 2 meals but it will be leftover roast chicken in something that looks nothing like a roast. H eats leftovers for lunch every weekday.

superfluouscurves Tue 19-Mar-13 12:11:30

I'm amazed by all these wonderful meal plans.

Not many people seem to eat leftovers any more though? I'm surprised by how many people start afresh each day. It seems quite extravagant. For example, when we eat a roast on a Sunday, we always have cold cuts the next day with vegetables or a salad.

(And we sometimes have it a third day too in sandwiches for lunch blush Probably showing my age here as my parents used to take it to extremes and make a roast joint last nearly a week)

Meal plans here therefore roughly consist of:

S Roast traditional Sunday lunch
M Cold cuts + veg/salad next day or poss with baked spud and salad
T some sort of pasta heavily laden with veg
W usually chicken or mince dish (eg marinaded chicken legs/ or cottage-shepherds pie)
T veggie Thurs (usually some sort of pulse/veg/casserole or curry or veggie cous-cous dish)
F fishy Fri (fish pie or some sort of fish en papillote in oven)
S take out or eat out (but always make home made veg soup on Thurs at same time as prepping veggie dish and we usually have that for lunch on Sats)

snoworneahva Mon 18-Mar-13 21:22:09

Thanks - I've never seen them before - will keep an eye open...we love chickpeas!

MaMattoo Mon 18-Mar-13 20:58:55

They are tiny black chickpeas. Faster and easier to cook. More flavoursome than their bigger white cousins.

pleasethanks Mon 18-Mar-13 20:37:27

Yesterday - sausage and apple casserole with mash
M - spanish chickpea stew (slow cooker) with couscous
T- tortellini with creamy pepper sauce
W - beans on toast
T - slow cooked ham with mash and roasted carrots
F - bean chilli with baked tots (and will make enough for freezer)
S - dunno
S - probably mac cheese or spag carbonara

snoworneahva Mon 18-Mar-13 20:27:14

Ruprekt do you have a recipe for your pie with the Parmesan shortbread crust please?

snoworneahva Mon 18-Mar-13 20:26:13

Mamatoo what are black mini chickpeas

MaMattoo Mon 18-Mar-13 19:13:15

Sunday - chicken biryani from scratch
Monday - black mini chick peas and potatoes with rice
Tuesday - fish and veg
Wednesday - pizza and salad
Thursday - kedgeree
Friday - savoury rice pancakes with lentil soup
Saturday - potato stuffed chapaati/paratha

snoworneahva Mon 18-Mar-13 18:58:45

Loving the idea of the beetroot pizza here's another version from River Cottage, I like capers on my pizza.

Actually it's ages since I've had beetroot, love beetroot and feta salad with cumin seeds and coriander...loving this thread!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 18-Mar-13 18:19:31

Yesterday - arabiatta pasta
Today - veggie mince and vege pie with peas and sweetcorn
Tuesday - veggie bean tacos and salad, cheese, soured cream and homemade guacamole
Weds - Sainsbo's coming so I haven't decided on the order from then on but possibly will involve: something with haloumi and salad, something with rice, something with baked potatoes, some sort of pizza.

NettoSuperstar Mon 18-Mar-13 16:35:26

M-Thai green curry with salmon and prawns (leftover from last night)
T-Homemade baked beans on homemade toast.
W-Chinese braised oxtail
T-Pizza, bought dough for the base though.
F-Japanese fried chicken.
S-Takeaway probably
S-Sea bream with potatoes and olives.

Lulabellarama Mon 18-Mar-13 16:24:24

This week the plan is

M: Courgette, chilli and garlic pasta
T: Gnocchi with sausage, chilli and fennel ragu
W: Baked potato with beetroot salad and taramasalata
T: Thai prawn curry
F: Salmon puttanesca, roasted new potatoes and green veg
S: Homemade burgers and fries with strawberry ice cream milkshakes
S: Sauage, mash, peas and onion sauce.

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