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foie gras

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Porkster Sun 24-Feb-13 15:39:05

I haven't noticed a MN proclivity for foie gras, but I will never eat it. Its production is immensely cruel.

Lattetogo Sun 24-Feb-13 15:33:29

I make my own pâté with chicken liver with various add-ons which I prefer to foie gras.

youmaycallmeSSP Thu 21-Feb-13 20:45:36

Some people really just do not care but everyone has their own tolerance level where they are prepared to turn a blind eye or just not think too deeply about what they're eating. Everyone knows cheap processed meat is dreadful in terms of animal welfare, quality and nutritional value but that doesn't stop millions of people buying it. I buy pineapple despite knowing that its production causes terrible environmental problems in Costa Rica. Unless you are vegan, eating produce grown organically on your own farm then your food will be dodgy at some level.

DoctorR Thu 21-Feb-13 16:05:13

Why do so many mums on here want to eat foie gras? Don't they have any idea how it is produced? How would they like to be kept in a tiny cage, and have a half metre long metal pipe thrust down their throats twice a day, with 13 kilos of pasta shoved down into their bursting stomachs? The resulting grossly distended diseased liver is only the tip of the ice berg...ruptured oesophagus, ruptured stomach, heart failure.... No wonder its production is banned in most European countries, and supermarkets won't touch it. Even Cote Brasserie took it off the menu a year ago so as not to cause distress to the customers! Torture in a tin.

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