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A good banana cake recipe

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Issyfit Sun 30-Apr-06 15:07:31

I have some over-ripe bananas, some eggs and an itch to bake. Anybody have a good recipe?

motherinferior Sun 30-Apr-06 15:08:58

Bake the bananas! Slice them lengthways, add lots of butter (cut into little bits), brown sugar and lemon juice, bung in the oven, and drool.

sassy Sun 30-Apr-06 15:18:29

Banana loaf

Grease and line a loaf tin.

Sift 8oz self-r flour + 1/2 teasp salt into mixing bowl. Add 4oz butter, cut into small lumps. Stir in 6oz castor sugar, 4oz suktanas or raisins, 1 oz chopped walnuts and 4oz washed glace cherries. Peels and mash 3 large bananas and stir in. Then break in 2 eggs and stir in well.

Bung into loaf tin. Bake at 180/gas 4 for about 1-1-1/4 hours.

Delish! have made this lots of times. Nice with or wothout butter, cut into slices.

jambuttie Mon 01-May-06 09:25:56

8oz self raising flour
6oz sugar
4oz marg
2 eggs
bananas( i normally use 3-4)

cream together sugar and marg

beat eggs and add mashed banana, then pour into sugar and marg mix

Mix together then add flour

preheat oven to gasmark 4
grease loaf tin

add mix and bake for an hour

I have also done this recipe adding some cinammon it was really nice

eidsvold Tue 02-May-06 03:36:53

i have a choc banana cake recipe

1 1/4 cups sr flour
30 g butter/marg
1/2 cup caster sugar
1 mashed banana
1/4 cup milk
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 tsp cinnamon
50g choc bits

Sift flour and cinnamon together
Rub in the butter
stir in the sugar, egg, banana, milk, choc bits.
combine well and then spoon into a loaf tin lined with baking powder.
Bake for 20 minutes or until cooked.

to make it less calories - I use low fat marg/canola spread, 1/4 cup splenda, 1/4 cup caster sugar and low fat milk.

redbull Wed 03-May-06 14:07:51

chocolate bannana loaf

150g butter/margarine
150g soft brown sugar
150g plain chocolate
2 bannanas mashed
3 eggs beaten
200g plain flour
10ml/2tsp baking powder

melt butter/margarinewith brown sugar and chocolate, remove from heat and stir in bannanas,eggs, flour,and baking powder untill smooth, spoon in to greased and lined loaf tin, place in preheated oven at 150c gas mark 3 for 1 hour, yum yum yum

naswm Fri 05-May-06 19:01:03

Just made your recipe jambuttie. It is in the oven. Cant wait. yum yum

shellybelly Sun 07-May-06 14:31:12

this is my first attempt at baking since my school days and i failed miserably, hopefully I will fair better this time followed jambutties recipe so fingers crossed, was thinking of serving it later with some chocolate custard, what do you think?

naswm Sun 07-May-06 16:21:35

It was fantastic. Delicious warm (and yes chocolate custard would go perfectly - pelase post the recipe!!) But it was equally nice cold

Jambuttie is a star!

shellybelly Mon 08-May-06 14:11:32

was yum yum yum, dh was amazed i had made something so tasty (naswm sorry but I used the ambrose little pots of custard) the loaf was really moist too will be making it again for sure (is all gone now)

Medea Sun 14-May-06 22:09:49

Yummy chocolate banana loaf from redbull--thanx!

I had to use self-raising flour instead of plain flour+ baking powder. . .but it was OK! (Is that a rule of thumb generally? That self-raising flour can be substituted?)

peanutbutter Sat 20-May-06 17:53:07

Well my banana cake was awful and is now in the bin. I followed Sassy's recipe BUT I'm not very good in the kitchen and haven't tried my hand at baking for a few years. What went wrong? I used "no need to sift" flour because i'm a bit of a lazy article but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter. The loaf came out looking brill, but once it had cooled on a rack and I cut into it, it turned out to be extraordinarily heavy and soggy inside. Do you think I didn't bake it long enough? Was it not sifting the flour? Not beating the mixture long enough? The bananas were very very ripe....also, when was mixing it all together, I could see lumps of banana everywhere but they just wouldn't break down - is that what it could have been??

peanutbutter Sat 20-May-06 21:41:32


Medea Sat 20-May-06 23:17:31

Well hopefully Sassy will come back on and give you her diagnosis, Peanutbutter. But sounds like you did everything OK to me. Like you, I'm a pretty unconfident baker, though.

Having made redbull's yummy loaf twice, I've now tried jambuttie's--and I agree with everyone who says it's fab.

Medea Sat 20-May-06 23:20:07

Oh wait, penautbutter. When you say you used "no sift" flour, was that plain flour or self-raising flour? 'Cause if you didn't use self-raising flour (tho I'm sure you did) that would be the problem, I think.

naswm Sat 20-May-06 23:34:11

jambuttie's is the best. I have made it lots since I found it on here. It is easy and yummy

peanutbutter Sun 21-May-06 09:15:34

yes, i did use SR flour. think i'll try jambuttie's today, the method is different. I just plonked everything in together and that's probably why it went wrong. i also think i put in too much (v v ripe) banana. thanks for advice

Twiglett Sun 21-May-06 09:45:03

did you pre-heat the oven ...

if it was soggy on the inside it sounds like it didn't cook properly .. or evenly

I tend to whack oven up (beyond the set temp by 20 degrees or so) whilst I'm preparing then about 5 mins before its due to go in drop it to the baking temp

you have to check whether cooked through .. use a piece of spaghetti (dry pasta) and poke through the centre .. if it comes out clean its ready .. if not it needs longer


peanutbutter Sun 21-May-06 17:34:26

yes i pre-heated the oven Twiglett. I followed jambuttie's method this afternoon and the loaf was much much better; also used less banana and margarine instead of butter. This is no reflection on sassy's recipe BTW - i definitely think the banana overload had a lot to do with yesterday's soggy output.

naswm Mon 22-May-06 18:27:32

yes no more than 4 bananas however tempting it is!

sassy Tue 23-May-06 14:58:00

Hi peanut butter

Hmm, am flummoxed by your cake disaster. I never sift flour, so it won't have been that. Smallish squishy lumps of banana shouldn't hve caused a problem, so it must have needed longer to cook, I guess.

Did you stick a skewer in to see if it was cooked right through? If it comes out clean and dry, cake is ready, if still sticky, cake is not ready.

Sorry to hear it didn't work!

peanutbutter Tue 23-May-06 16:19:45

sassy, it truly won't have had anything to do with your recipe - only my crash bang whallop approach to the kitchen. Adding loads of overripe bananas certainly won't have helped, and i do think i didn't leave it in the oven long enough either. Anything requiring a bit of intuition, or a delicate hand, is quite often beyond me i'm afraid

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