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Quick roast dinner question: carrots

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IamGrover Sun 10-Feb-13 11:19:12



Or roast?

And how would one roast a carrot if that I'd indeed an option?


kalidanger Sun 10-Feb-13 11:23:06

I get BIG carrots, scrub 'em (don't peel), cut them into chunky batons (CHUNKY), season, oil and generously sprinkle with the nicest sugar I have (think organic unbleached stuff) and roast 'em. I'm not the world's best cook and this is idiot-proof.


BertieBotts Sun 10-Feb-13 11:24:26

I like boiled or steamed carrots. Jamie Oliver has a good line on how to roast them, though.

I sometimes do roast carrots and parsnips just peel them and toss in olive oil, season then bung in the over for 40mins. Depending on what I'm serving them it I might sprinkle with cumin or drizzle with maple syrup 10 minutes before I take them out.

If I've got chanteney carrots I boil them then saute in butter and a bit of orange juice.

kalidanger Sun 10-Feb-13 11:29:40

I just looked in my Naked Chef (1p from Amazon) and there's nothing under Carrots or Roasted in the index sad

Carrots roasted with a llittle honey are lovely.

Pinner35 Sun 10-Feb-13 11:33:22

Always peel carrots......and they are def better steamed.

LtEveDallas Sun 10-Feb-13 11:33:36

I par boil in chunks, then wrap in foil and a Touch of butter and put in the bottom of the oven for the last hour before serving (when the roasties are cooking). I use the carrot water in the gravy for sweetness.

Fallenangle Sun 10-Feb-13 11:35:15

JO has a great recipe in which you boil upright in watter with a big dollop of butter when water has boiled away they go all sticky and buttery on one end. Otherwise roast like parsnips but for a bit longer. Rolled in chopped rosemary if poss.

BertieBotts Sun 10-Feb-13 11:36:54

It's on his website kali

twinklesparkles Sun 10-Feb-13 11:58:56

If you've not got much time boil them first before roasting, cuts cooking time down quite a lot

I put olive oil and honey on mine with salt and pepper
I do same for parsnips smile yum

dizzy77 Sun 10-Feb-13 12:03:42

I roasted my carrots last night with the spuds, chunks cut on the diagonal (a bit cheffy but increases surface area) mixed up with onion wedges, tossed in the goose fat i was cooking potatoes in though I'd normally use oil. took about 40 mins at 180 fan. Didn't season though, forgot, they lacked a bit so would def add salt/pepper/sugar next time.

Skyebluesapphire Sun 10-Feb-13 12:09:01

I roast mine with the potatoes in olive oil and rosemary

TomArchersSausage Sun 10-Feb-13 12:11:00

I like roast carrots. A few cumin seeds sprinkled on them with the olive oil adds a nice flavour too.

LadyMargolotta Sun 10-Feb-13 12:11:14

If I boil them , then it's with a stock cube, touch of sugar, salt and rosemary, and when I drain them, I keep the stock for gravy.

I roasted them today, fairly big chunks, with the roast potatoes.

Aspiemum2 Sun 10-Feb-13 12:11:48

Roasted carrots are heavenly smile. Other than that I steam veg, keeps the flavour better than boiling

ceeveebee Sun 10-Feb-13 12:16:21

Always roast them, I hate boiled carrots but love them roast!

kalidanger Sun 10-Feb-13 12:16:49

Thanks bertie He uses foil and no sugar for the basic recipe

I do mine in a seperate dish to the meat and potatoes. I don't boil them but give them aaages on the bottom shelf.

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