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What can I do with oranges?

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amazingmumof6 Wed 30-Jan-13 12:14:09

OP - my aunt made something similar to MrsBert recipe, it was so delish, definitely give it a go!

MrsBertMacklin Wed 30-Jan-13 11:23:46

Make Claudia Roden's orange and almond cake. Delicious, lasts for 4 days or so.

NotGoodNotBad Tue 29-Jan-13 22:08:41

Orange bread-and-butter pudding. I haven't made this exact recipe but mine is very similar.

ComradeJing Tue 29-Jan-13 21:44:24

Thanks all!

LouiseFisher Tue 29-Jan-13 19:28:47

I've never tried them raw in salad, but will try it soon! Should zing up my salad smile

Notafoodbabyanymore Tue 29-Jan-13 06:40:03

Orange cake - delicious!

thereistheball Tue 29-Jan-13 05:57:36

They are good raw in salad: try them with fennel.

amazingmumof6 Tue 29-Jan-13 02:30:09

yes, slices and freeze them for cold drinks

or put chicken breasts or thighs in a heat proof dish, drizzle with oil and a bit of honey, add some peeled garlic cloves, salt & pepper, then chuck orange slices on top. cook in the oven

or make carrot and orange soup - I'm sure you can find a good recipe online - the ingredients we use are chopped fried onions, cooked carrots, garlic, cooked potatoes and the orange juice. blend & season the lot, add a bit of milk or soured cream if you like it thinner/creamier

you can do the soup with other things like butternut squash, leeks, spring onion, you can add honey or mustard.
you can also add left over mash - but only add that if soup is already blended or the whole lot might turn gooey

ComradeJing Tue 29-Jan-13 02:10:25

Apart from juice and marmalade that is.

I have about 8 oranges. No one eats them raw so I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion for using them up.

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