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Toddler struggling to chew meat

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GuffSmuggler Thu 31-Jan-13 10:22:09

I second slow cooking it, the meat goes so tender it just melts in the mouth. This is the only way my DS would eat meat when weaning.

notso Thu 31-Jan-13 10:16:09

I can remember not really enjoying meat apart from chicken, mince or stewed beef as a child. I liked the flavour but I used to get jaw-ache from all the chewing. I think I was probably about 9-10 when I started eating without struggling.

ceeveebee Thu 31-Jan-13 10:16:05

Maybe try slow cooked meat? My 14mo dd has only 2 teeth but she can grab a chunk of slow cooked beef/lamb/chicken leg and scoff it!

pacific407 Thu 31-Jan-13 10:12:04

thanks everyone, that all really helps!

AlohaMama Thu 31-Jan-13 00:43:52

My ds (20 mo) does this too - meat, fruit peel etc. I think he physically can chew but gets bored or something. Almost as if, if it doesn't break down quick enough then he spits it out. Chicken if I cut it into small enough pieces he will eat. But to be honest some foods which I think require just as much chewing he'll happily eat. I don't bother blitzing things, just continue to make him lots of different things (not lots of options each day, more different meals each night) and try not to get too stressed if he doesn't eat it all. Some days he'll love something, then the next night not eat the same thing. I think toddlers are just fussy! I try to go for the view that as long as his diet is balanced over the course of a week, rather than each day, then that's ok.

Dumpyandabdabs Wed 30-Jan-13 13:42:52

I'm sure it probably is just a phase and hopefully when his back teeth come through he won't have any more problems. However just wanted to share my experience to give you another perspective. My DS (whose just turned 9) has always had problems chewing and swallowing meat ever since he was a toddler, at first I thought it was his teeth and then I thought maybe he wasn't keen on the flavour of meat but it definitely wasn't that. Tbh things haven't moved on greatly since he was little and he still can't swollow beef or lamb and struggles with some pork. He can eat chicken, sausages and fish no problems. It does limit his diet but he's really good with veg and carbs so I suppose I can't complain too much.

thereistheball Mon 28-Jan-13 19:58:33

If you marinade chicken in yoghurt it tenderises and is much easier to eat: so take a chicken breast (cut into two - save half for tomorrow) and chop into the right size for your toddler. Marinate in a bowl with plain yog, lemon and garlic. Wipe the yoghurt off before frying in olive oil. You can also try spices eg cumin and coriander in the yoghurt to introduce new flavours.

Other marinades esp acid-based ones (eg pork in apple juice) probably also work.

pacific407 Mon 28-Jan-13 16:09:04

My DS (22 months) is an ok eater but seems to struggle to chew meat. He likes the taste but ends up chewing and chewing and eventually spitting it out (and this includes chunks of mince that I haven't broken up properly while cooking). So I have taken to blitzing up his meat which makes it look a bit gross but he seems to manage better with it. He also sometimes has issues with apple/pear peel etc.

Has anyone else had something like this? I have assumed it's because his molars aren't all in yet, but I've started wondering whether it's an issue with texture (that's where his fussiness seems to lie) and, if so, whether it means that I shouldn't 'pander' to it by whizzing up his meat. Trouble is, he eats so well when I do (inc any and all veg I throw in) that I am a bit reluctant to stop if he'll get better once his teeth have fully come in.

Sorry, bit rambling.

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