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How much milk does your 15-18 month old have a day?

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letsdolunch Mon 24-Apr-06 14:11:22

Just interested in what others do really! DD is nearly 16 months and has 4oz when she gets up and 9oz at bedtime. Thanks x

mmmmchocolate Mon 24-Apr-06 14:12:44

Hi my dd is 20 months and had 8oz in morning and 9oz before bed but also when she goes down for her nap she takes a 4oz bottle with her!!!

waterfalls Mon 24-Apr-06 14:13:15

dts are now 28 months, but they have always had over a pint a day.

you've just reminded me of A thread I want to start

burstingbug Mon 24-Apr-06 14:15:49

14 mth ds still has 3-4 bottle of milk between 7 & 9 ozs. He also has about 2 cups of juice.

Seona1973 Mon 24-Apr-06 20:07:18

From 1 year they only really need around 350mls/12 ounces to get the required calcium per day. Anything more than a pint (around 20 ounces) can curb their appetite for solids so it is best to fall somwhere between 12-20 ounces.

p.s. it doesnt all have to be taken as a drink as milk with cereal and dairy products also count

Witchycat Mon 24-Apr-06 20:14:48

Letsdolunch - my dd is also nearly 16 months (born New Yrs Eve) and has similar, if not less than your dd. She has about 5oz a.m. then 6-7oz at bedtime.

She does also have milk with rice krispies though and a fair bit of yoghurt & food with home-made cheese sauce.

Does your dd have milk in food as well? That all counts toward the oz per day target.

Hazellnut Mon 24-Apr-06 20:21:16

thats more than my (15 month) dd has letsdolunch - not sure exactly, probably drinks about 10 ounces in total (split between morning and night) but then has milk on cereal/yogs/cheese etc.

Bozza Mon 24-Apr-06 20:32:16

By 18 months DD was down to about 1 cup a day I reckon - in a morning, about 6 oz. At 15 months it was probably 2 cups so about 12 oz. But also has cereal, yoghurt and is a cheese fiend.

letsdolunch Mon 24-Apr-06 22:00:09

Quite a range of milk intakes then!! DD loves milk much more than food and would ideally like 3 bottles a day I think. I have just cut back from 6oz to 4oz in the mornings to increase her appetite at lunchtime (it's working). She also has a 100g yoghurt at lunch plus cheese and milk in cooking. Having read everyones posts I think I've cut back the milk enough now!! Burstingbug-wow! Does your DS eat his solids well too?

burstingbug Mon 24-Apr-06 22:31:24

Yes ds is on solids,
usualy weetabix or rice crispies for breakfast, sometimes a snack mid morning.
lunch is a piece of toast or something light cooked and some fruit.
maybe an afternoon snack.
then he has his evening meal and a pudding or more fruit.
by the other posts on here, maybe i should reduce his milk intake?

letsdolunch Mon 24-Apr-06 22:40:57

Wow, he has a good appetite for milk and food- I'm jealous. Wouldn't say you need to cut back the milk unless it is putting him off his meals etc.

bourneville Mon 24-Apr-06 22:44:50

my dd who is now 2.8 was a milk monster previously. she was bf (frequently!) till 14 months and i think milk was one request i just couldn't say "no" to after that . But having realised it really did curb her appetite for food i got strict about it, now she only has 1 tommee tippee cup at breakfast and 1 after tea. (oh and milk on her cereal too). She would have tons more if she had her way...i can't believe she used to drink a cup at brek, mid am, lunch, mid pm, tea...... wow!

Bozza Tue 25-Apr-06 09:30:39

I have just changed DD over from using one of those avent magic cups to using an ordinary lidded beaker for her morning milk. She drained 4oz in about 20 secs this morning.

fredly Tue 25-Apr-06 14:39:07

19m dd, 2 tall beakers each day of full fat milk.

emmawill Tue 25-Apr-06 14:43:33

Too much probably - she loves her milk she around 2 pints of full fat milk and a bottle of cow and gate growing up milk a day, least I know her bones are OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MumtoBen Tue 25-Apr-06 18:30:29

DS is nearly months and having about 4 bottles, totalling about 26 oz. He's a good eater and has water too so not that worried he's having too much. My antenatal friends are down to 2 bottles a day.

lazycow Wed 26-Apr-06 14:16:26

Can't get ds (17 months) to drink any milk except from the breast (twice a day) so not sure how much. He is curently a real cheese monster though.

mumfor1standfinaltime Wed 26-Apr-06 14:22:17

Ds is almost 16 months, he has milk on his weetabix and a tommee tippee cup of milk for breakfast. Same cup of milk with his lunch and then 1 or 2 cups before bed depending how he feels!
Never really thought about it until now, but he doesnt eat that much in the day, maybe he has a little too much milk. He also may drink 2 or 3 cups of water too throughout the day! lol.

He is a big boy though, and I feel that if he wants milk, he can have it!

Csimms Tue 27-Sep-11 08:28:54

My DS is almost 15 months. His usual routine is to have 150ml of cows milk when he wakes, for breakfast he has porridge. After his morning nap he then has 150ml cows milk (sometimes he does not drink it all) and the same mid afternoon. Before bed he has between 180-210ml of formula milk.
Sometimes he eats quite well, other days he doesn't.
Are we giving him too much milk? Should I cut out his morning or afternoon milk or both?
Also trying to get him off the bottle and onto a sippy cup.
He has water or juice quite happily from his cup, but up to now refused to drink milk from it.
Advice welcome.

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