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Can I freeze cooked aduki beans?

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LakeFlyPie Mon 28-Jan-13 11:31:56

Excellent, thanks smile

notMarlene Mon 28-Jan-13 08:35:14

Yeah, IME pulses freeze very well indeed.

multitask Mon 28-Jan-13 08:33:54

I freeze lots of different beans and have never noticed a difference. I hate to soak and cook just a small amount so usually do loads more than I need and freeze in portions so I can add them to recipes as needed (usually still frozen as I forget to take them out of the freezer in time). I even freeze tinned chickpeas as I sometimes buy catering size tins if I'm too lazy to soak or they are on offer, again I found not difference in taste or texture.

LakeFlyPie Sun 27-Jan-13 23:22:53

I made Red Dragon Pie yesterday and rather overestimated the tomatoey aduki bean mixture.

I've got a feeling that cooked pulses (and lentils) don't freeze well, but it'd be handy if I could.

Please could a knowledgeable person advise?


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