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Another 'do you think this is still safe to eat?' question...

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HyvaPaiva Sat 26-Jan-13 14:54:07

Not a chance.

atacareercrossroads Sat 26-Jan-13 14:51:38

I think for me the issue would be with the putting it in the fridge. Temp change like that after so long at room temp is a shagging ground for bacteria.

atacareercrossroads Sat 26-Jan-13 14:49:09

You've been lucky that's all. Having seen someone very very ill after doing this I wouldn't risk it.

AgentProvocateur Sat 26-Jan-13 14:34:35

I often cook chicken curry and - shock horror - leave the chicken and the rice out overnight and all of the next day because the pans are too big for the fridge. We eat it heated up for dinner the next night. In over 30 years of doing this on a weekly basis, noone has ever been ill.

atacareercrossroads Sat 26-Jan-13 13:42:33


If I actually wanted to be ill. Chicken casserole, left out at room temp for a whole day then shoved in a cold fridge. Are you mad?!

marriednotdead Sat 26-Jan-13 12:13:56

Me too.

AgentProvocateur Sat 26-Jan-13 12:08:21

I'd eat it.

eslteacher Sat 26-Jan-13 11:51:31

On Thursday night I made a chicken casserole. We ate about half of it, and the rest stayed in the (lidded) casserole dish. It got left out on the worktop hiding behind something else, and thus was not put in the fridge.

When I got home on Friday night I saw it sitting there, and shoved it in the fridge. you think that if I reheated it really really well and tested the temperature with a meat thermoter, it could be OK to eat tonight? Or would you just chuck it out?

Generally DP and I are not particularly fussy about eating undercooked / out of date foods. So far we've never had any ill effects! But seeing as it's chicken and it's been out for a full 24 hours at room temperature albeit in a lidded dish, I'm a little wary this time...WWYD?

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